Amybeth McNulty (born 7 Nov 2001) is an Irish Canadian Actress mostly known among the public for her main role in the famous drama series Annie with an E (2017-2019) as Anne Shirley. She has a theatrical background and was praised multiple times by ‘The Irish Times’ for her performance. Moreover, she is also a growing model and a social influencer.

Among various works, she has been able to get praise for work from the television series Agatha Raisin and Clean Break. She has also been a part of the short film A Risky Undertaking, where she has done outstanding work. Recently, she has been able to grab the limelight through her work in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Early Life Of The Annie with an E Actress, Is She A Vegan?

Annie with an E actress, Amybeth McNulty, was born on 7th November 2001 in Letterkenny, County Donegal, located in the Ulster province of Ireland. Moreover, McNulty has no siblings as she is the only child of her parents. Talking about her parents, her father is Irish, whereas her mother is a Canadian citizen.

Cute picture of Amybeth McNulty in her Childhood
Cute picture of Amybeth McNulty’s Childhood
Source: Instagram

As a child, Mcnulty got into Ballet and Acting. She is very passionate about anything she does. With strong passion and confidence, she started doing stage performances early in her Life. Hence, she started acting at a very young age.

Amybeth McNulty moved to London at the age of 19 from her family’s home in rural Donegal. Whereas it is known that she has never attended a school, she has been home-schooled all her life. But soon after turning 18, she was not able to get school time because of her tight set schedule, and due to this, she completed her education online.

Vegan Actress Amybeth

Many of the fans want to know the fact that either their favorite celebrity is a vegan or a non-vegan. Talking about Mcnulty, she is a pure vegetarian from the start. She once stated that while shooting in other countries, she frequently struggled to find good vegetarian substitutes, even in Canada, which she considers her second home.

Personal Life of Amybeth McNulty, Who is Amybeth Mcnulty’s Boyfriend?

Nowadays, being in a Love relationship is very common. As per reports, we knew that A Risky Undertaking Actress is single as of now and is not dating any boyfriend. She had a few past relationships which did not work out well.

Moreover, The Stranger Things Actress has linked to Louis Hynes, her past boyfriend. Later, they broke up with each other, and only they knew who gave the breakup first.

However, she keeps her lovelife secret. Due to this, we do not have any idea when and whom will she marry.

How Much Does Amybeth McNulty Earn? Know Her Net Worth

Amybeth Mcnulty has been in the film industry for quite a long time, and throughout her career, she has done different types of works like modeling and acting. However, television series is where she was able to gain more limelight.

Amybeth McNulty posing for her Instagram post
Amybeth McNulty posing for her Instagram post
Source: Instagram

With amazing dedication and passion for her work, her net worth is estimated at $1 Million as of now. She has undoubtedly amassed a large fortune, the majority of which stems from her professional entertainment career. Despite her apparent wealth, Mcnulty prefers to live a simple Life.

Professional Life Of Amybeth McNulty

Mcnulty is always passionate about acting since her childhood. At first, she gave her performances at An Grianan Theatre, which is located in her birthplace Letterkenny. Afterward, she played various musicals which were composed by Poul Boyd.

Amybeth McNulty posing in an award function
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Things didn’t stop there for Mcnulty as she began shooting for her first screen role in the year 2014. She was able to grab attention for her role of Jenny Rane in the series ‘Clean Break.’ Afterward, she played different roles in various series.

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However, she got her big break after grabbing Anne Shirley’s role in the series Anne with an E, from which she could make to win The Canadian Screen Award for the Best Television Actress. Later, she got a chance to appear in various successful movies, where she was able to deliver a top-notch performance. In June 2021, she also played in the fourth season of the famous Netflix series Stranger Things.

Social Accounts Of Amybeth McNulty

Amybeth Mcnulty is someone who enjoys her time on social media. The famed Actress is quite active on Instagram and Twitter. She is very popular on Instagram as she has a following of 6.8 Million. She has made 310 posts as of now, which clearly shows how active she is.

The Stranger Things Actress posing for her Instagram feed
The Stranger Things Actress posing for her Instagram feed
Source: Instagram

Talking about Twitter, she has a bit low followers compared to Instagram. But that doesn’t mean she is not active there. No matter how many followers she has, she tweets frequently. She has 284.5 thousand followers on her Twitter account.

Also, she introduced herself to YouTube on 4th November 2014. However, it took her almost a few years to post her first video. She usually posts vlogs, Q/A, and BTS on her channel, which has a handful of views. Her cover song collected many views back in February 2018. As of now, she has 690 thousand subscribers on her channel.

Is Mcnulty Bisexual?

The rumor of Mcnulty being bisexual was not something that came out of nowhere. In the past, she tweeted, Well, I think I just accidentally came out hahaha happy pride month, lovelies, followed by a pride flag and a heart emoji. That is when everyone started talking about her sexuality.

Amybeth McNulty posing with her co-actor for her Instagram feed
Amybeth McNulty posing with her co-actor for her Instagram feed
Source: Instagram

Some fans, however, were intrigued by the “accidental” part of her tweet and began their investigation. They eventually realized she liked and reposted a fan edit of one of her older Instagram stories about going to a pride parade with the sign “Anne Shirley is bi as hell.”