Tami Luchow was born in 1970 to father Jed Luchow and mother Anya Luchow. Her parents have played a great role in her incessant success, despite being born abnormally with missing fingers, toes and lower half of the right leg.

She is currently married and has two children. The small Luchow family lives in New Jersey. Tami’s birthplace is also Tenafly, New Jersey. Already 46 now, Tami is still highly motivated to make a difference in her community.

Luchow considers herself as differently able, not disabled. And, of course, she is at the very top in various fields.

Tami Luchow’s education gained her competence as a journalist and a social worker

Tami Luchow has been a social worker, writer, speaker and a journalist for NBC, one of the largest news channels of the world. As a child, she went to local Tiffany Public School. From Tiffany, Tami got into Yale University where she did her bachelors’ degree in English.

Tami was always very competent in speaking and writing. So, she started delivering inspirational speeches especially targeting the handicapped people in the audience. Luchow articulately uses her own life story as an example of persistence.

Tami is also engaged in various community-related activities. Likewise, she has written a couple of books which focus on overcoming challenges and targeting your ultimate destination.

Tami Luchow’s interviews reveal her personal quotes

Tami Luchow’s interviews and books always showcase her inspirational quotes. Tami’s quotes are seen as aninspiration by many people, especially the students who struggle in achieving higher.

“I was the kind of baby that people thought would not survive and not amount to anything. I have been given the opportunity to prove everyone wrong.”

“There are times when I have asked, ‘Why me? Why do I have a leggi? Why am I the only one in my family and my school and my gymnastics team with a leggi? But… when I am in a ‘Why me?’ mode … I change the subject on myself and ask, ‘What have I already accomplished in my life? and ‘What else do I want to do?’” These quotes show her immense motivation.

Tami Luchow doesn’t come up in the gossips usually – know her height and age

Tami Luchow is a very silent woman in social media. That’s why, she is usually not noticed to be in media gossips and unnecessary buzzes. Tami is not even active on Facebook and Twitter.

Tami is 46 this year and doesn’t look tall. She has a prosthetic leg, but she is still able to do Ski Racing and other sporting activities. In 2006, Tami was awarded the Salute to Champions award, presented by Bergen’s County.

Tami acts as a role model and source of inspiration for many people.