A voice of a man, which rocks the whole world and gets them in their feat banging their heads, Taime Downe is a legendary figure who has given a lot to the world of music, especially rock and metal music industry and serving the sleaze rock band named Faster Pussycat. Gifted and sensationally talented man Taime Downe is inspiration and role model for millions all around the world. One of the finest singers and musicians who have defined the meaning of rock and metal music Taime Downe is an astonishing icon. Taime Downe was born on 29th September of the year 1964. 50 years aged singer Taime is an American nationality and was born in Seattle, Washington, United States. Taime Downe was named Gustave Molvik in his birth but is known by his stage name all around the globe.

Holding a strong fan following and support, Taime is one of the finest singers currently available in the music industry of the world. His music belongs to the genres like Hard rock, Glam metal, Heavy Metal, Industrial rock, Gothic rock and Electronica. He is an American musician, singer and songwriter. Packing versatility in his bags, he can well play guitar very well. He has been serving his profession since the year 1985 and has been labeled with Elektra. He holds the associated acts with Faster Pussycat and the Newlydeads. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Taime was oldest of the parents who shared four children together. His songs have been appreciated by the fans and critics all around the world and today have earned the great fame in the musical industry. He is really a qualitative man with great attitude and super fine personality. He simply has every fine qualities required to be a singer of world class and this is evidenced by his phenomenal works.

Taime has brought various albums and dozens of hits and some of them to be mentioned are:

You’re So Vain of the year 1992, House of pain of the year 1989, Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way, Bathroom Wall of the year 1987, Nonstop to Nowhere of the year 1992, Don’t Change That Song of the year 1987, No Room for Emotion of the year 1987, Charge Me Up of the year 2011, Babylon of the year the year 1987, Smash Alley of the year 1987, Arizona Indian Doll of the year 1989, Little Dove of the year 1989, Slip of the Tongue of the year 1989, Madam Ruby;s Love Boutique of the year 1992, Bye Bye Bianca of 2006, Silent Night, Jack the Bastard of 1992, Mr. Lovedog of 1992, Please Dear of 1989, Ship Rolls In of the year 1987, Poison Ivy of the year 1989, City has No Heart of the year 1987, Bottle in Front of Me of the year 1987, Shooting of Me of the year 1987, Shooting You Down of the year 1987, Maid I Wonderland of the year 1992, It’s So easy of the year 2011, The Power and the Glory Hole of the year 2006, Loose Booty of the year the year 1992, Number 1 With a Bullet of the year 2006, Hell Bent for Leather of the year 2011, Cathouse of the year 1987, and Misty Mountain Hop.

He had his education in United States. His bio is available in wiki and he too can be followed in various networking sites. His age is 50 and holds the height of 180m which perfectly suits his personality. He holds a handsome amount of net worth. He too can be followed in various social networking sites like twitter and Facebook.