Sensationally talented man having versatility packed in his bags, Riki Rachtman is praise worthy individual who holds hundreds of admirable qualities. One of the famous and well known American Television and radio personality Riki holds all those abilities needed to be a sensational television and radio personality. Not all are gifted with ability and features Riki Rachtman holds and even fewer are able to utilize it in a best manner possible, so it won’t be wrong to say that people like Riki Rachtman is born once in a million. Having a great personality and good looking facial structure, Riki is an astonishing figure with some astonishing abilities.

Riki Rachtman was born on June 15th of the year 1965. 49 years aged actor Riki Rachtman was born in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, United States. American nationality superstar Riki was named David Alan “Riki” Rachtman in his birth but is well as Riki Rachtman on and off his work. Riki auditioned to be part of band named Angry Samoans and later was included in a band named Fairlanes. In 1980s, he served as a lead vocalist in L.A Metal Act “Virgin”. He served around a year for a band named Battery Club. Born in van Nuys Los Angeles, he lived in Orange County, California in around 1999. He had a relationship with Janine Lindermulder previously. Janine is an adult-film actress. Been part of few projects he has proven himself through his work in those few projects. He served as an actor in Headbangers, November Rain etc. He is a man who has made himself recognizable through his efforts and hard work of years and years. Carrying his work as a part of her life, Riki has sketched himself with an inerasable ink in the pages of history of his profession. He is really a qualitative man with great attitude and super fine personality. He simply has every fine qualities required to be an actor of world class and this is evidenced by his phenomenal work. His works has been appreciated by the people and critics all around the world. He has made a fine place for himself in the vast and complicated world of his profession at a considerable age of 49. Some of his works to be mentioned are:

He served as an actor in Rock of Love with Bret Michaels of the year 2008, in Wild Roomies of the year 2004, Mystery Men of the year 1999, Pacific Blue of the year 1998, Plump Fiction of the year 1997, Unhappily Ever After of the year 1996, Rebel Highway of the year 1994, Shake, Rattle and Rock! of the year 1994, Biker Mice from Mars of the year 1994. He is an intelligent personality with vision, determination and courage. He believes that dedication and hard work can define impossible unrealistic. He is one of the most successful individual in the world of his profession. Dedicated from his very early days he has kissed the horizon of success through his willpower.  His sensational work is responsible to earn the social and economic status.

American nationality, radio and television personality Riki has the height of 5’7” which perfectly suits his personality. His bio is made available in wiki and he too can be followed in various social networking sites like Facebook and twitter which access his fans information about his professional and personal life. He had his education at United States and holds a white ethnicity. He holds a handsome amount of net worth which his supported by his income from his works and business.