Sunny Sandler is a child actress recognized for her performances in the Hollywood comedy films such as Blended and Grown Ups. Besides, Sandler is also a daughter of Adam Sandler, the famous comedian.

Sunny Sandler Mini Bio

Sunny Sandler was born on November 2, 2008. Just seven at the moment, she most probably is in her kindergarten years of schooling. From her interest in acting since this young age, it’s apparent that she will likely do her undergraduate education in the field of drama/acting.

Talking about her early career, Sunny Sandler kicked off into the Hollywood world by playing the role of Tardio’s daughter in the 2010 film Grown Ups. The film shooting had been easy for her as it was also the film which starred the famous Adam Sandler.

In the following year, Sunny Sandler managed to land on the other Adam Sandler movie Just Go With It. Sunny did the role as one of the random show up kids in the movie. In the movie, Sunny worked with the popular actress Jenifer Aniston.

Sunny remained passive in the Hollywood until the next three years. In 2014, Sunny Sandler was again featured in one of the movies starring Adam Sandler. In the movie Blended, Sunny Sandler gave out better shots and mature performances. Her performance was much appreciated by the cast of the movie.

Besides, she is one of the voices in the animated film Hotel Transylvania.

Sunny’s journey so far in the Hollywood is a clear indicator of future stardom. On keeping the same track, Sunny will definitely rise as the next bright face in the Hollywood.

Family and Personal Life

Sunny Sandler is the daughter of the famous couple Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler. She also has a sister whose name is Sadie Madison Sandler. Sandler likes to play with her sister; the two seem to be the best friends.

Sunny is lucky to have all the grandparents around her. Adam Sandler’s parents Judy Sandler and Stanley Sandler and Jackie Sandler’s parents Lila Titone and Joseph Titone are the grandparents of Sunny.

Sunny Sandler’s birth sign – corresponding to her birth date – is Scorpio.

Associated With

Recently, Sunny Sandler was nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Celebrity Baby. More Hollywood opportunities in the future will take her to win the nominations.

Only seven years old, Sunny is not active on any of the social networking sites.