Sullivan Stapleton dating history is quite fascinating. Also his girlfriend’s list will amaze you.

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Sullivan Stapleton is perhaps the sexiest man in the Hollywood. However, he is yet to be married. Nevertheless, Sullivan’s dating history is quite fascinating as he has been out with women of various ranges.

It seems like getting a woman is a piece of cake for Sullivan. Do scroll down more to get on with the flow of this exciting story of the hottest man.

Sullivan Alexander has a long list of girlfriends from the past

To talk about Sullivan’s personal relationships, it’s wiser to start from his appearances. Many men do not get perfect in every aspect of their appearance. Unbelievably, Sullivan is a masterpiece created by God; he is tall, he is muscular and he is handsome. Moreover, Stapleton is charismatic which makes him attractive to all the women around him.

To start with, Sullivan was initially dating Carla Bonner in 2007 and 2008. Although the couple seemed close and intimate, they broke up soon enough – maybe within a year of relationship. Sullivan had a lot of women lined up for him.

After the breakup, Sullivan got on with Jo Beth Tailor. Wow! That was such a catch for Sullivan – an Australian woman at his home.

It’s said that the couple had even decided to marry before breaking up in early 2010. Perhaps, it was because of the rumors that Sullivan had been hitting on Eva Green while shooting the Hollywood blockbuster 300: Rise of an empire. The interesting thing is that no one knows what happened to the Eva-Sullivan thing.

In recent gossips, Sullivan has been linked to Jaimie Alexander. She is the co-actress from the television show Blind Spot. Stapleton even kissed Jaimie onscreen; this has heated up the buzz on this relationship.

The questions are being raised – Are they in love? When are they marrying?

Sullivan Stapleton seems to be marrying Jaimie Alexander soon

On the marriage thing, even we have remained confused since a long time. In the past, Sullivan has been into some relationships which nearly ended in a marriage. However, all of them ended at the edge of the transition from relationship to marriage.

However, this time, Jaimie Alexander seems to be a woman who has grasped Sullivan’s heart really badly. According to the sources, the couple has even been seen to be visiting some jewelry shops like Pandora. Of course, it must be a beforehand preparation of the marriage.

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Fans have been tweeting “So many people would flip but if the couple at some point announced they were engaged I’d be happy. They’re so cute!” and many other messages to the couple. Yet Sullivan and Alexander do not seem to be interested in revealing anything. Or are they looking to give a surprise?

Sullivan has been out with many girlfriends in the past. Thus, fans are still unsure if Sullivan Stapleton's current relationship with Jaimie Alexander will turn out into a conjugal bond.

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