On paper, Storage Wars seems like an idea that would never work, but fortunately, for the show’s producer and ensemble cast, it did. Storage Wars is an American reality television series on A&E Network which premiered on December 1, 2010, and has since completed eleven seasons. 

Watching people bid on storage containers that have been abandoned by their original owners sounds a little strange. But hey, if it can be turned into good TV content, you have hit the jackpot. It’s quite astonishing to know that someone even thought of making a show out of such a subject.

However, simple doesn’t always mean drama-free, and to the irritation of the show’s cast and crew, the drama is an inarguable ingredient in the Storage Wars recipe. Even though it may seem that these veteran storage hunters each play with their own set of regulations, there are always rules to everything and Storage Wars is no exception. Here are some of the more interesting rules that the cast of Storage Wars has to follow.

Don’t Anger The Auctioneer

Laura Dotson and Dan Dotson laughing with their hands wrapped around each other

Well, this rule seems pretty simple. If you want to get something from a person, it’s best not to test their patience. “Don’t anger the auctioneer” is actually the advice from one of the most famous buyers, Barry Weiss. Even though the show revolves around the buyers, the auctioneers can be the focal point of the show. It’s really to the buyers’ benefit to keep a healthy relationship with the auctioneers. A little respect goes a long way in this type of business.

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Staged Locker Finds

Dave Hester attending one of the A&E networks'  event

There are always rumors about how the show is actually staged and lacks spontaneity. Fans of the show swear that it’s true, and a few of the cast members, including Dave Hester, have said that they have suspicions as well. Well, it makes total sense from an entertainment perspective. Imagine how boring the show would be with just the documentation of finding the abandoned treasures? There’s not much of a  “wow factor” in the units full of rusty metal rebars. Sorry to burst your bubbles but it takes one or two lies in order to create a good television show. 

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Money over Compassion

Storage Wars cast holding money in their hands

The show is all about business. It may not come as a surprise that there is less compassion in this show compared to any other reality TV show. The concept of unpaid storage locker auctions is that people who are presumably down on their luck have their personal belongings bid on by someone else. Imagine the scenario where an unknown individual grabs belongings of someone who has passed away. These things aren’t taken into account while bidding for a storage unit. And at the end of the day, “It’s not personal, it’s business.”

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Only Fake Fighting Allowed

Ongoing discussion of Storage Wars casts

Weighing in on the staged part of the show, some of the fights are not so real. Even though fans love some heated action involving auctions, we are sorry to be the one to tell you this but most of the fights are actually fake if not all. Things can get a little heated when people are bidding thousands of dollars with their own money. Once when the auctioneer, Dan Dotson accidentally missed a bid, Dave Hester actually threw a punch and a huge brawl ensued. Dave was kicked off the set and the production halted for a day. So, it’s understandable why real fighting is not allowed.

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Trademark Your Catchphrases

Storage Wars cast all standing with their signature poses

This is kind of a weird but a significant rule. Not only for the show, but also for real life. People on successful reality shows often have corny little catchphrases that they invented. One of the show’s veteran, Dave Hester once sued a singer, Trey Songz, over the use of his catchphrase, “!.” The two settled the lawsuit in 2012 but their agreement was never released. If you have some kind of catchphrase, make sure to trademark it. They may be silly but they can also bring you a silly amount of money. 

Which of these rules did you find strange? Let us know in the comments below.


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