The visible change in Ashlee Simpson’s nose hints that she has taken the artificial route to beauty, but Ashlee is yet to make any confirmation about it. Married to Evan Rush, Simpson is living the best of her life with husband and daughter.

Ashlee Simpson’s father says she had the nose job to get rid of breathing problem

Ashlee Simpson’s recent pictures reveal that she has approached artificial ways to enhance her beauty. The drastic changes in her physical appearances suggest that she might have had a plastic surgery.

Before her plastic surgery, her trademark bump on her nose was noticeable. But now, her nose looks smaller and slimmer than it used to.

The difference in Ashlee before and after her nose job can be clearly seen, speaking of which, her father quoted that “she had a problem with breathing and in order to help her breathe easily, she had to undergo a plastic surgery”.

Even after this statement from his father, Ashlee has not made a confirmation about the procedure.

Working from an early age, Ashlee has had a very successful career journey. With her talents and her performances, she has proclaimed a huge fan base. After spending much of her life as a celebrity, Ashlee now has an estimated net worth of 8 million dollars.

Ashlee Simpson, despite all the rumours regarding the nose job, has a very satisfying and stable love life with partner Evan Rush. Ashlee and Evan have been in a relation for a long time now. The two musicians have developed a good rapport and have a cordial relation.

Ashlee Simpson has formed a cute family with husband Evan Ross

What an amazing engagement party with all of our loved ones! We gettin' married 🙂

Evan Ross is an American actor and a musician. Like Ashlee, he also poses a huge fan base and is successful in his profession. He has been a long time love interest of Ashlee Simpson.

The two lovebirds were engaged in January 2014 and tied the knot in August 2014. The couple is now proud parents of their daughter Jagger Snow Ross.

Here's another one of our beautiful love @realevanross and Jagger Snow Ross

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Ashlee Simpson seems to enjoy playing coy about her nose job. The drastic changes in her appearances suggest that she has had a nose job but she is yet to confirm the news. Currently, in a stable relation with her long time love interest, Evan Ross, Ashlee Simpson is enjoying the best part of her family life.