Sammi Giancola frequently flaunts her toned bikini body after drastic 15-pound weight loss. Remember Sammi Giancola? The renowned television personality, age 29, was one of the stars of Jersey Shore.

Sammi turned some heads with her weight loss as she made an appearance on the second season MTV’s reality show, Jersey Shore. Nicknamed “Sammi Sweetheart”, this 29-year-old reality star & model first got noticed following her starring on Jersey Shore.

Drastic weight loss: turning millions of head, Sammi Giancola on “Jersey Shore”


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Sammi Giancola was almost unrecognizable in the second season of Jersey Shore. During the filming for Jersey Shore’s second season, Sammi followed strict south beach diet plans & dropped 15 pounds.

Expressing her happiness, “You have to look good in Miami because beautiful people are everywhere you look!” Sammi told Life & Style magazine. Adding up, she said, “I just changed my diet, & next thing you know the pounds just came off”.

We all know losing weight is something that needs quite of patience or we can say it’s not that easy. And for Sammi, she work-out consistently & cut out some foods out of her list, especially pasta. On that note, she said “I miss it like crazy, but I don’t easy pasta anymore”, “I eat my vegetable and try to stay healthy”.

Because of her outgoing & partying nature, Sammi required hard work out to get rid of the calories she had gained.

Sammi became the part of Jersey Shore in August 2009, & during the sixth & last season of the show, Sammi was reported to make about $80,000 per episode.

Here’s an interview she did with Planet Hollywood for the fifth season of Jersey Shore.

Sammi’s Bikini-ready body flattered by girls’ version of GTL (gym, tanning, laundry)

Everyone are familiar with how women flaunt their assets in bikinis. So, it was no surprise when Sammi flaunt her figure in a bikini after losing 15-pounds.


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But even with new bikini-ready physique, Sammi’s said her appearance wouldn’t flatter without the GTL (gym, tanning, laundry). As tanning gives you a dusky yet sexy looks, gym keeps your body toned.

Sammi’s tanned & toned boy is looking HOT in the above picture. As she is seen wearing a teeny black printed bikini, that navel piercing is taking the matter from hot to sexy.

The girl really deserves an applaud and lots of appreciation. Needless to say, Sammi looks totally amazing & transformed. The strict diet and regular workouts have really paid off!

Sammi’s weight loss came with a sexy transformation. After all, we got to see Sammi Giancola’s toned body in bikini & with no doubt, she slays every bikini she puts on.