Steven Mnuchin

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Steven Mnuchin, or Steven Terner Mnuchin, is a man of wisdom and respect. He was born on December 21, 1962, in the United States of America.

Quick Facts About Steven Mnuchin

Name Steven Mnuchin
Profession Banker
Gender Male

Steven Mnuchin is the son of Goldman Sachs banker Robert E. Mnuchin and a New Yorker Elaine Terner Cooper. Since the very early age, Steven was attracted into the financial world. His father made a jaw-dropping fortune while in Goldman Sachs.

Steven Mnuchin is a family man with a beautiful wife named Heather Mnuchin, or Heather deForest Crosby, However, they got divorced from each other in 2014. Now, he is engaged with Louise Linton, an actress. Heather and Steven had three children.

Steven Mnuchin is a wall street banker and has a jaw-dropping net worth

Steven Mnuchin is a wall street banker, just like his father. After graduating from Yale University, Steven went to work at Goldman Sachs where he amassed more than 40 million dollars’ worth of wealth and cash.

In 2002, Steven left Goldman Sachs to work for an independent company named Sears. In the meantime, he worked for the billionaire investor George Soros. Apart from playing his mind in the financial world, he has also worked as a political fundraiser and a film producer.

Mnuchin put his money into the blockbuster hit films such as Avatar and X-Men franchise. All of the shares, bonds and works have earned him a jaw-dropping net worth of 840 million dollars.

Steven Mnuchin looks like he is entering into American politics under Donald Trump's presidency

Steven Mnuchin is a publicly republican financial engineer. He even helped the billionaire President-elect Donald Trump raise funds for his campaign. Mnuchin seems to have close ties with Donald Trump after the recently proposed announcements of some of the posts of American government for the next four years of Trump presidency.

Steven Mnuchin is apparently proposed to be the Treasury Secretary for Trump administration. While no strong confirmation on the proposal has been received, this job is going to be a matter of pride for Steven. He might soon be on the way with Donald Trump to make America great again.

Steven Mnuchin believes in networking via internet or friendly relationships

Steven Mnuchin is a player in the markets. So, he believes in networking to succeed in any job you do. The networking can be via internet or via personal connections.

Steven Mnuchin is in LinkedIn and Twitter. People look up to his perspectives and ideas on any matters of national or global concern. Steven has been very open and clear on anything he posts on social networking sites.

Steven, himself, has lots of networks ranging from the small money investors to investors like Soros and from CEOs of small companies to the CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein.

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