ITV Host Stephen Mulhern is too busy to find a partner? Is he Gay?

By: Adalyn Roth  |   | 

Multi-talented television presenter Stephen Mulhern has been an entertaining personality. Previously as a kid’s show presenter and then as the host of Britain’s Got More Talent, Stephen has won the hearts of many. But has anyone won his heart?

Apparently, the answer is NO. Unmarried till date, Stephen has remained single since splitting with English actress Emma Barton in 2008. Perhaps, his busy work schedule is majorly responsible for his single life. 

Stephen’s low-profile private life has often sparked the rumor of him being gay which is not true. He is just too busy to find a partner. 

Stephen, who does not believe online dating is compatible for people from television, says that he is keen for a summer romance. However, he is rather more focused on increasing his net worth at present.

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