Joy Behar, a popular comedian has a net worth of $8 million. Known for her elegant hairstyle which suits her age perfectly, Joy Behar is a prominent ABC host.

Being amongst the celebrated television personalities, there is a pressure of looking good and young for the cameras. So is the case with television presenter Joy Behar. The woman is in her early seventies, but looks nothing of her age with her well-maintained body and wrinkle free face.

Age is just a number: Evergreen Joy Behar and her much-talked about hairstyle

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For this dazzling diva, age is just a number! Why? Because she is 74 yet youthful as in her teenage years. So, what’s the secret? Plastic surgery or natural beauty?

Whatever may be the secret, all we know is Joy is definitely giving a competition for new-comer with her ageless beauty.

Also, she has a perfect hairstyle for her age. Her round face complimented with bangs and a layered haircut which reach her shoulder, really makes her look young and beautiful.

Also, her hairstyle is a modern one, which suits for almost every woman over forty. It’s neither too long nor too short. It’s just up to her shoulder and is comparatively manageable too.

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Following a fact that Joy is a well-known media personality, she got that pressure to look beautiful and presentable. Lucky for Joy, because her modern hairstyle always adds beauty to her appearances.

As a person’s hairstyle also determines how they look overall. So time and again, we have seen people getting new haircuts. Unlike many other celebrities, Joy doesn’t change her hairstyle frequently. Maybe she knows it that this medium layered haircut adds extra charm to her beauty.

Sometimes something as simple as a haircut can get the media buzzing about celebrities. But, in the case of Joy Behar, her shoulder-length hair has become a trademark.

Co-anchor of ABC’s ‘The View’: Know gorgeous Joy Behar and her whopping net worth

Versatile in a profession, Joy Behar is an acclaimed American writer, comedian, television presenter and a talk-show anchor having an estimated net worth of $8 million. Joy is globally renowned for contribution to an ABC’s popular entertainment show called ‘The View’.

Over the years, Joy has been equally appreciated for making appearances on many other television projects, which includes her guest starring as well.

Do you think @hillaryclinton will ask me to be her Veep??

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There is no denial that Joy has accumulated most of her net worth from her countless television appearances and contribution to ‘The View’. Also, for her legacy on television, Joy has received a ‘Daytime Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Talk Show Host’.

Behar’s elegant hairstyle always turns heads wherever she goes. With a mind-boggling net worth, Joy Behar has been successful to become one of the most popular ABC hosts on television.