Stella Ritter, the seventeen years old American child actress is one of the shouts after talents in the show biz industry. She has involved in the showbiz industry since she was 9. She is renowned for her roles in Hannah Lost her smile, and this is my friend.

Mini bio on Stella Ritter

Stella Ritter was born on the 11th of September, 1998 in the United States. She was born to the Ritter family who had acting and entertainment as a source of their income. Under the guidance of her father and mother, she got the inspiration choose acting as a career. She got her education in terms of acting from her parents.

Stella began her career while she was nine years old. She showcased her acting skills in her debut movie in 2007, this is my friend. Her performances were admired by the audiences and through this movie Stella announced her arrival in the show biz industry.

Since after her debut, Stella took time and she was away from the showbiz industry for a long time. It took 5 years before the audience saw Stella again on the silver screen, this time in Hanna Lost Her Smile. Like her first movie, Hanna Lost Her Smile also was successful. Stella’s role in the movie was again admired by the audience and by the critics. Also, by the time she did Hannah, she began to collect face as an actress with the potential to become a superstar some day.

By the time she completed her second movie, the child actress had grown up to become a beautiful teenage girl. Her charming face was admired by the audiences. This gorgeous teenage girl became the dream girl for many teenagers.

Now, 17, Stella is still believed to be single as no rumours or any information regarding her love life has been disclosed yet. The beautiful actress invests her efforts in order to prolong her career in the industry. Like her parents, specially her late father, she is likely to end her career as a successful artist.

Family life and Persoal life

Stella Ritter was born to parents Amy Yasbeck and John Ritter. Both her parents made their names in the entertainment sector. While Stella was 5 her father passed away, due to Heart attack. She grew up under the guidance of her mother. Also, due to the fact she was a daughter of a celebrity, she came into the limelight just after her father’s demise. Stella Ritter is the half-sister of, Carly Ritter, Tyler Ritter, and Jason. The young actress is still single and no rumours of her being in a relationship have arisen yet.

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Stella Ritter is 17 now and is following the footsteps of her parents. In the near future this gorgeous actress is likely to build a successful career for herself in the future and along with her career, she is likely to accumulate an admirable net worth as well.