Gwen Ifill, an American journalist’s relationship status is single. Despite the fact, she is near to reaching the age of 61, she seems in no rush to end her singledom. Keeping aside the personal stuff, her consistent commitment towards her professional life has gained her a remarkable success and fame.

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Age doesn’t matter for success; all it needs is a zealous inclination towards it.

A career oriented woman, Gwen worked for Washington Week as a co-anchor and co-managing editor in the past. She initiated her career as an intern in daily newspaper Boston Herald- American. Later, her zeal for the journalism field opened the door of opportunities to many organizations such as Baltimore Evening Sun, The New York Times and so forth.

Ifill’s effort, confidence, and astounding results paid off as she was sufficiently blessed to get into the PBS News Hour where she was the senior correspondent. Her remarkable credit to the field of journalism has a high degree of public fascination.

Even after reaching 61, Gwen Ifill has no rush to get married

Although Gwen is about to cross her 60s, she is not married till date. The strong media personality seems to be enjoying her single life with a massive achievement in her vocation. Nothing about her love life has been ever disclosed in the media as Ifill has never preferred talking on the matter.

Nevertheless, she has earned immense success from her career. Each step she has made in course of career has made her an independent person today. Perhaps, the journalist is so much in love with her independence that she has not felt the need of a man in her life till date.

The successful and versatile personality from the journalism world, Ifill has kept her private life quite secret from the media. Furthermore, she has not been encountered with a guy.

The competitive woman has established herself as an example in her field for the noteworthy contribution she has made.

Besides, Ifill has given her extra effort in her book entitled, The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. The book covers the American political landscape.

Ifill has achieved success from every field she has tried her hands in. And with this, Gwen Ifill has kept herself too busy to focus on getting a husband.