Updated: 04/27/2018 02:45 PM | First Published: 04/27/2018 02:37 PM

Where is Shipping Wars Marc Springer in 2018? What is he doing now?


Marc Springer is an American reality TV star and independent shipper, best known for appearing in the A&E TV series, Shipping Wars.

At the age of 14, Marc left his home in Washington to chase a pro-hockey career in Dauphin Manitoba, Canada.

After multiple jobs in fields like fishing, scuba diving and trucking, he finally landed a job as a salesperson in Harley Davidson.

But, after the economy crashed in 2007, he returned to the trucking industry.

While working as an independent trucker, uShip sent Marc an email to ask if he was interested in appearing on a new A&E reality TV show.

The show, Shipping Wars, which started airing in 2012, followed independent shippers as they transport large items across the USA and Canada.

After airing seven seasons, the show was called off in 2015.

Marc owned and operated, Snortn Boar Transport. His merchandise is also available on his website with the same name.

Marc is a married man and shares four children with his wife.

He recently appeared in The Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), which took place in March 2018.

Marc is currently working for Diesel Spec, a leader in truck diesel engine ECM tuning technology, as the USA sales representative.

As of 2018, The Big Rig has accumulated an estimated net worth of $600,000.