49-years-old Sherri Shepherd was married twice in her lifetime. Both her marriages ended after a brief spell but it definitely left a lasting impact in her life. In addition to the heartbreak that a divorce gives, she went through several custody battles in her two marriages. 

The mother of her two sons’ Jeffery Tarpley Jr and Lamar Sally Jr, Sherri came up against the custody battle of her 9-years-old son after she parted ways with husband Jeff Tarpley. The battle soon caught the attention of various media outlets and became the talk of the town. Speaking about the state of their battle, Tarpley’s attorney Duane Folke said “Jeff Tarpley doesn’t want to raise his son in the glare of the media. If she stops talking, we’ll stop talking. I want to talk in court”. 

While discussing working parents live on The View, Sherri said: “ Mommy is trying to pay the bills” which later received supports from her friends and colleagues. An insider to the former reality talk show host said: “ she is an amazing mum and spends a lot of time with Jeffery Jr”. 

Several months of tussle later, Sherri won the custody battle after judge Michelle Williams claimed: “there has not been a material change in circumstances”. Speaking in the aftermath of her victory the overwhelmed mother said “I stand for my character and my integrity. You can’t hold me down, I’m a wonderful mama”. 

Following her separation with her comedian husband, she tied the knot with television writer Lamar Sally on August 2011 in Fairmont Hotel in Chicago. The wedding was so grand that it was also aired on television titled Wedding Fabulous: Sherri Shepherd Gets Married. A year after their marriage, Sherri announced that the couple were looking for a surrogate, which they eventually found in Jessica Bartholomew.

But despite the high-profile ceremony they had, the couple failed to maintain stability in their relation and after just three years into their marriage, they parted ways. Their separation surprised many of Sherri’s fans but not her close ones. “I don’t think any of us thought this was the right guy for her. He’s a very nice man, but he can’t keep with her. She’s a force of nature” an insider to Sherri told. 

Sherri filed for divorce in May 2014 and two months later in July 2014 he ex-husband Sally filed a petitioned for the physical and legal custody of the child born via surrogacy after Sherri claimed that she was tricked into having the surrogate child and holds no responsibility towards it. 

The custody battle lasted almost two years and its finally over. The court has ruled Sherri to pay 4100 dollars monthly to Sally for the child support. The television star is yet to speak following the completion of the case. Speaking at the conclusion of the case Sally said ‘After numerous court battles over the past two years, I am glad this case is finally over and that the ruling that Sherri is the legal mother to our son will stand. Now I can focus on raising my son”.

The surrogate child was born on August 2014. His biological mother Sherri is yet to see the face of 2 years old son.