Shannon Aikau is an American builder who is best known for appearing in the History TV series, Counting Cars.

He was born in Oahu, Hawaii, but later moved to Las Vegas, and started working at a custom motorcycle shop.

Shannon built Danny Koker a motorcycle, and after being impressed by his work, Danny asked him to join his shop, Count’s Kustoms.

Shannon is the lead builder and bike shop manager at the shop who has been working there for over 19 years.

He appeared in the History TV series, Counting Cars, since its inception on August 13, 2012.

The show finished airing its seventh season on October 31, 2017, and is expected to return with its eighth installment this year.

Apart from working as a motorcycle builder, he loves to cook gourmet meals for family and friends and on occasions, for the CK crew as well.

Shannon is a married man and a father to two beautiful daughters.

He is active on all social media platforms, where he shares pictures of his custom work and his family.