Shane Lester is a well-celebrated name in the street racing community. His introduction to the spotlight came after starring in Discovery’s reality series, Street Outlaws: New Orleans. Apart from his racing skills, the fans admire him for his hushed character.

Cars and career

Shane was fascinated with cars and speed from his early days. His passion for racing led him to become the cast member of the drag race series, Street Outlaws: New Orleans. He has been manifesting his talent on the race track since the first episode of the show. His highly modified cars and extensive racing skills have made him one of the best street racer in the New Orleans scene.

Shane Lester is sitting in the wheel of his Mustang Cobra aka Da Hellion.

Shane steers a small tire Mustang Cobra aka Da Hellion and a big tire Chevy Nova SS aka Prime Evil. He maintains a reserved personality while he’s not racing, but when things get down in the race track, Shane delivers with sheer passion. He is a team player and does not let his leader, Kye Kelly, down when it matters.

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Besides racing, Shane is also the co-owner of an auto body shop, Precision Paint & Body in Gulfport, MS. He uses the money he makes from the shop to finance new parts and upgrades for his cars. Shane plans to be on top of both small tires as well as big tires List utilizing the resources as an advantage. He has bought and sold around 70 vehicles since he started racing on the street. Before making it to Street Outlaws: New Orleans, he worked in Street Race Car Assassin.

Net worth in 2018

Shane has been a prominent figure in the Street Outlaws: New Orleans since day one. His dedication to street racing has also made him a fan favorite. Despite the popularity, Shane has not disclosed his net worth yet. However, as a reality star and co-owner of a successful auto body shop, Shane’s net worth is assumed to be in millions.

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Married for more than a decade!

Shane has been married to his business partner, Natalie Lester, since 2004. The couple has been sharing a blissful married life for over a decade. However, Shane has not revealed anything about his children as of now.

Shane Lester taking a selfie with his wife Natalie Lester

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Despite being a busy street racer, he does not let his professional life overrule his personal life. He is relatively active on social sites, where he posts pictures of his wife and cars. He currently resides in Gulfport, Mississippi with his wife.

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