Selena Sloan is an American actress. In addition, she is famous for her modeling career in the Hollywood industry. She is known for her special appearance in American Horror Stories and Between the Lines. Selena is working hard for her roles in future projects and releases.

Keep reading the entire article for further information regarding American Horror Stories actor Selena Sloan’s career, education, early life, networth, and many more. Also, stay tuned for more upcoming news about Sloan’s life and update. Let’s jump right into Selena Sloan’s early life without further hold.

Earlier Life and Family Life of Selena Sloan

Between the Lines, actor Selena was born on April 28, 1993. The beautiful actress Selena and her sister Stefia Sloan are the daughters of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sloan. Selena shares a beautiful bond with her parents sharing all the essential things with them. In addition, she was born to a Christian family who is strict about some things, whereas otherwise, Selena is set free to take all her decisions.

Selena Sloan shares the picture with her fans with her hair set.
Selena Sloan shares the picture with her fans with her hair set. Source: Instagram

The talented actres since her childhood had an immense curiosity in the music and acting field. She took her interests side by side, trying her luck as a musician and an actress in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Selena won an award in acting, her appeal as an actress grew more substantial, and she started her luck in the entertainment field through the audition.

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Regarding Selena’s education, she completed her schooling along with her sister near her hometown. To pursue higher studies, her parents shifted to another state in America where Selena could grab and explore her career choices. Selena wants to earn her own money for her undergraduate and wants to get a degree in her acting field.

Physical Appearance

The mid-20 American Actress represents herself smartly in all the events. In addition, from her appearance, she looks like a teenage girl. However, she speaks politely and deals with the reporter and media in positive behavior. Selena has black eyes and dark brown hair.

Regarding her outfits, Selena is very demanding with her company. She tends to wear the clothes according to the trend, whereas she updates herself with new trends. Moreover, Selena takes her sister’s help to buy the clothes and wear them according to the events. In other words, her sister chooses the costumes according to the events she will visit.

Furthermore, the actress is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, whereas her weight is 50 kilograms. In addition, Selena is working hard to get new projects and increase her fans. She inspires teenage fans who want to progress in her learning to dream and are motivated to complete them.

Love Life of Selena Sloan: Boyfriends and Relationships of Sloan

Duke Dumont: Ocean Drive star. Selena likes to keep her distance from the reach of the public. Regarding her boyfriend, she dated numerous boyfriends during her school high school days. However, she broke up with them as they were not mature enough to decide about their career and support each other.

Selena Sloan was enjoying her single life with her friends.
Selena Sloan was enjoying her single life with her friends. Source: Instagram

Selena wants to take time to search for his prince, who supports her in making their decisions. Moreover, she has shared in one of her interviews that everyone needs to make a wise decision in choosing a partner. She says that the girls need to be more thoughtful in a relationship as it is the decision for your entire life where the couple is connected mentally and emotionally.

The actress does not feel the absence of a boyfriend as she has a good connection with different friends. She keeps in touch with her friends and supports them as much as possible. Selena has a stronger bond with her parents and sister, who support her and help her to take the long term as simple decisions.


The American Horror Stories actress Selena has not been a part of controversies. Moreover, she is managing her private life away from the public. She is working hard to get new projects and stable her career in the Hollywood industry. Therefore, her personal life is out of the reach of the public.

What is Selena Sloan’s Networth

As of 2022, Selena Sloan is creating her fortune in the entertainment industry by appearing in television series and films. Moreover, the American Horror stories actress owns approximately a net worth of $3 million. Selena invested her wealth in investment companies and saving as she will use 50 % of her salary for her different degrees. Moreover, Selena is earning her popularity and money through means of music videos, modeling, and acting.

American Horror Stories star Selena shares the picture while she was on vacation.
American Horror Stories star Selena shares the picture while she was on vacation. Source: Instagram

Regarding her other income, Selena earns her salary as a band member and sings songs. Moreover, she draws in her income as a model and being a part of the advertisement. Selena earns approximated $65k from her appearance in music videos.

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Regarding Selena, additional income is earned through her social media accounts. Selena tends to sit live and connect with her audience. However, the actress tries to communicate with her friends and motivate the youngster to achieve their dream.

Some of Selena Sloan’s appearances in film and television series:

  • The American Horror Stories
  • Between the Lines
  • Duke Dumont: Ocean Drive
  • Freddy’s Dilemma: Only on a Saturday Night

Social media presence of Selena Sloan

Between the Lines actress Selena has gained much attention on Instagram. Selena has regularly uploaded pictures in social media posts and stories where she updates her daily routines and shares her upcoming projects.

In addition, Sloan loves to connect with her fans, especially her age, as she can relate to their thinking and inspire them to get out and experience. Moreover, Selena communicates with her fans in her free time. With the help of her social accounts, we can assure that she influenced the youth. She dares everyone to dream big and encourages youth to set the target to achieve in the future.

Talking about Selena’s social presence through her Instagram account has 55.3k followers and 186 posts. The actress uses the Instagram account only as she feels safe rather than on social media. In addition, she uses Instagram so she will be easily connected to youth all over the world. However, Selena shares most pictures of her modeling shoots and playing guitar.