Merrin Dungey is a Hollywood actress from the United States of America. According to IMDB, the actress has appeared in over 73 credits. She is more popularly known for her apperance in television series. One of her most popular television series is The King of Queens, Alias, The Fix, Conviction e.t.c

Please read the entire article for further information about the American Horror Stories actress Merrin Dungey. The article below contains Merrin’s early life, career, relationship, networth, and some of her social media presence. Stay tuned with ecelebrityFacts for further entertaining information.

Earlier Life and Family Life of Merrin Dungey

The King of Queen actress’s full name is Merrin Melissa Dungey. In addition, Merrin Dungey is the daughter of Don Dungey and Judy Dungey. Merrin Dungey was born on 6 august 1971. Her parents are blessed with two children, Merrin Dungey and Channing Dungey.

Merrin Dungey shares a photo with her sister Channing Dungey.
Merrin Dungey shares a photo with her sister Channing Dungey. Source: Instagram

The actress is blessed with supportive parents and siblings who helped her in her education and achieving her goals. She completed her schooling at her hometown school Rio Americano High School. However, the actress always had an interest in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she took an acting class to enhance her acting skills.

Furthermore, talking about her future, the actress is interested in completing her course in the art of acting. Indeed Merrin chose a backup plan and learned about the business to help her parents in their family business. After graduation, Merrin helped her father as well as she started her career in the entertainment industry. During her free time, Merrin spends her time helping her parents in the family business side by side. She completes her role in the television series and the film sector.

Appearance of Merrin

Merrin Dungey is a Hollywood actress who is quite tall then the American people at her time. All the people used to tease her from height. In addition, Merrin’s height is 5 feet 8 inches, whereas she is 57 kilograms and has maintained her body figure well.

Merrin has beautiful brown eyes. Moreover, the audience like her appearance and the dress design. We can say that the creation of her dress is copied in the market by her audience and fan following. Till now, the actress does not have any tattoos.

Is Merrin Dungey in a Relationship?

Big Little Lies Actress Merrin is married to the love of her life Marrew Drake. Moreover, her husband is a part of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Marrew Drake is a producer and has contributed 20 credits to the industry.

Merrin Dungeya and her husband, Marrew Drake, share a selfie during their celebration.
Merrin Dungeya and her husband, Marrew Drake, share a selfie during their celebration. Source: Instagram

The couple met each other on one of the sets during their acting career. In addition, the couple took a long period to know each other. Almost after five to six years of relationship, the couple married each other in 2007. Furthermore, the couple married in the United States of America in the presence of close people.

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Currently, the couple is the beloved parents of two children. However, the detailed information about their children is not public. Merrin always loves to spend her time with her children and guide them. Moreover, the couple takes her children on vacation for refreshment and learns practical knowledge.


The King of Queen actress, Merrin, has successfully maintained a gap between her personal and professional life. Moreover, she shares information about her new projects and products launched on social media. Merrin shares her daily life related to her shooting the social media.

The actress has created a barrier in her personal life. In addition, she has kept her daughers out of the reach of the media. Merrin has built a freedom lifestyle for her children where they are free to choose and move around the places.

What is the Net worth of Merrin Dungeya?

Summerland actress Merrin’s estimated net worth is $3 million. She is an active actress from Hollywood who is easily available to her fans and within reach of directors. She is a friendly and family person who thinks more about her family before her success.

Merrin Dungeya in her role in the television series Alias.
Merrin Dungeya in her role in the television series Alias. Source: Instagram

As the husband of Merrin, Marrew Drake is also a part of the Hollywood industry, and both couples earn a better living. The team owns two luxurious cars and two properties. Among them, it is in a prime location in th United states, whereas the other one is near the beach where the natural scenes are seen beautifully.

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Furthermore, Dungeya is a part of various TV series and movies such as; Deep Impact, and The Sky is Falling, Odessa or Bust, and Scream at the Sound of the Beep. Among all her Hollywood appearances, one of her most popular films was Bothered Up and Masterwork.


The King of Queen actress started her career in a short role like Deep Impact and ED television in the Hollywood industry, television series. In addition, the actress appeared in The King of Queens. She appeared in all the series presented by The Kings of Queens.

One of her popular appearnce remains the television series Summerland, launched by the WB drama series between 2004 and 2005. She has received the appreciation of the audience for her art of acting in television series. Since that year, the actress has attended different television shows as a guest in The West Wings, Babylon 5, Friends, e.t.c.

After a long break from the entertainment career, Merrin was back with a series in February 2021. Moreover, she played the role of Kam in the Staz series a Shinning Vale. The series’ release date is March 2022, whereas the production is ready to make season two in May 2022.

Social Media Presence

Although Merrin is part of the Hollywood entertainment industry and has appeared in seventy-three credits, the actress has not yet received any awards. According to the IMDB, she has received one nomination for the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a drama series in Big Little Lies. Moreover, Merrin has won the audience’s heart and will mostly win awards in the future.

Merrin is quite active on her social media accounts. She uses Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube to connect with her audience. Among all the social media accounts, Merrin uses Instagram more often to communicate with the youth and young crowd. She has 30.2K followers on her Instagram account with 956 posts.