Updated: 03/03/2018 01:40 PM | First Published: 03/03/2018 09:36 AM

What is Misfit Garage host Scot McMillan doing now? Meet his family


Scot McMillan Jr. is hot rod builder and reality TV personality, who is known for appearing in Discovery’s ‘Misfit Garage.’

He started working on cars and racing with his father and uncle by 3.

He grew up getting lessons about fabrication and machine from his master fabricator father and mechanical engineers uncle and step-dad.

Using a lathe, mill and saws, he built his first project, a coffee table at just 8 and built cars with his dad in their two-car garage at a young age.

Later, his dad’s garage became his first business, Scot Rod’s and it was then his dream of owning his own garage was fulfilled.

At Scot Rod’s, he worked on his first project with Aaron Kaufman during their senior year of high school.

Following graduation, the two started a shop together, PT Performance, in a space owned by Scot’s uncle.

They together built nearly fifty cars together at the shop, until his uncle needed the space back.

After failing to find a new shop and get a loan at the age of 19, Scot joined Marine Corps and served in Iraq, until being hit by a mortar.

Afterward, his passion for building cars reawakened when he returned home in 2006. 

At that time, he met Gas Monkey Garage owner, Richard Rawlings through his friend, Aaron, who had just started working for Richard.

Then, Scot also started working for Richard and happened to meet Thomas Weeks, while buying a car.

Scot and Thomas’ friendship quickly developed. Scot appreciates Thomas’ ability to sell and addresses him as “great at the art of the deal.”

A lifelong collector of parts and other paraphernalia, he always wanted to own a shop, but he’s not a wheeler-dealer. 

In 2014, he, along with Thomas, Tom Smith and Jordan Butler, started a new company, Fired Up Garage and started appearing in Discovery’s ‘Misfit Garage.’

The show, which premiered as a spin-off of the hit show, Fast N’ Loud, in October 2014 has since aired five seasons. 

Throughout the years, he and his company have followed the motto, “Correct Is the Only Option,” and he believes that there are ten ways to do a project.

He is a family man. He is devoted to his wife, Niki and two sons, Scot III and Cole.

Now, he is focused on Scot Rods Garage, automotive restoration and parts center, which he co-founded with Jeff Dunlap in 2011, in Fort Worth, Texas.

He is regular on Facebook, where he regularly posts about the projects at his shop and family pictures.