Steve Thomas is an American author and TV personality, who was known for hosting PBS long-running show, This Old House.

His interest in construction and renovation came from his father, who used to buy and repair old houses.

He graduated in philosophy from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, where he supported himself working as a painting contractor and carpenter.

His late grandfather, who was a missionary in the Alaskan Arctic, inspired him to combine his love for carpentering with love for sea and sailboats.

At the age of 13, he decided to go sailing and bought his first sailboat.

In 1977, he worked as a carpenter on 75-foot ketch under construction in France.

He also logged many nautical miles sailing a 43-foot wooden sloop from England to San Francisco.

In the early 80s, inspired by his old dream, he went on sailing across the Pacific and went to meet the master navigator, Mau Piailug at Satawal.

Then, while traveling with Piailug,  he learned the ancient technique of star path navigation.

In the late 80s, his research resulted in the acclaimed book, The Last Navigator and a documentary for the PBS series, Adventure.

In 1989, when he was on research trips to the Alaskan Arctic for the second documentary for Adventure, he was approached to work on ‘This Old House.’

Best known as a serial renovator, Steve helped catapult the show to the top list of PBS’ list of most watched series of all time.

He earned 1997-98 Daytime Emmy Award and a total of nine nominations for Outstanding Service Host.

He left the show in 2003, and Kevin O’Connor replaced him as the new host.

After leaving the show, he produced and hosted the History Channel series, Save Our History, including one program documenting George Washington’s estate.

He also went on to highlight green renovation across the nation on Planet Green show, Renovation Nation.

He is currently the spokesman and ambassador for Habitat for Humanity International with emphasis on Women Build, Builder Blitz and Restore.

Now, he resides in St. George, Maine with his wife, Evy, and son, Sam.

He renovated Sea Cove Cottage in the middle of a fishing village in Maine from 2013 to 2015.

In 2018, he is involved in renovation projects in Portland. He has always been looking for new ideas and techniques.