Your favorite BBC Breakfast host Sally Nugent is back! She was on sick leave since late September because of labrynthitis and has now recovered enough to get back on the BBC Breakfast couch!

Sally Nugent back on BBC after sickness

Nugent returned to television today (November 15) after disappearing for over a  month. She was on camera for a quick minute and then her fellow BBC Breakfast hosts took over the show. 

Sally Nugent back on BBC Breakfast couch

Her absence didn’t go unnoticed in the Twitterverse and fans have written several tweets concerned about her health.

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After weeks of recovering at her home, Nugent is good as new and has never looked better! She looked radiant as she relayed the sports news sitting alongside Dan Walker and Louise Minchin.

Even in sickness, the BBC host made time to keep in touch with her fans on Twitter, tweeting on October 8 that she would be “back on the sofa very soon.”

Sally Nugent tweet informing fans that she's returning to television soon

We’re glad to have you back Sally!

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