Updated: 02/01/2017 01:03 PM | First Published: 01/31/2017 08:15 PM

At age 54, Carol Kirkwood is still a catch

Carol Kirkwood smiling

Age is just a number for this stunning weathercaster! Carol Kirkwood, who turned 54 in May 2016, looks years younger than her age. She has indeed maintained a slim frame and a youthful glow about herself over the years at BBC, which has led to a throng of online suitors. 

As told to Daily Express, she's had several proposals of marriage and is asked out to dinners on the regular. "...I'm always flattered but never reply," said Carol. 

In 2015, seven years after her divorce with husband of 25 years, Jimmy Kirkwood, Carol revealed that she's open to settling down again and it would be "nice to start dating somebody again." But she later revealed that she was, in fact, dating someone. Imagine the shock when fans found out that she'd been in a relationship the whole time!

In a later interview with express.co.uk, she explained, "I’m very happy in my relationship status at the moment. I’m not single! I’d just started seeing somebody, so it was ok, it didn’t matter." However, Carol never revealed the name of the mystery man in her life. She has kept mum about her relationship status since then.