Updated: 04/18/2017 07:12 PM | First Published: 04/18/2017 04:14 PM

BBC’s hot presenter Sally Nugent is married but who is her secret husband? Know about Her pregnancy Rumor!

Sally Nugent BBC Sports Host

Sally Nugent makes more than a few heads turn when she passes by. This hot BBC sports news anchor is best known for her sports news coverage on BBC Breakfast. Possessing model like features, this gorgeous media personality has been making news rather than reporting it. But less is known about the news presenter and her personal life. Is she single or married, who is her husband? Let’s dive into some facts that we have.

So, who is the mystery, man? How old is her son?

Much is unknown about this English beauty except that she is married. But who is her husband? Well, no one on the internet seems to know the answer, and she would like to keep it that way. Even her colleagues won’t share the hubby’s information.

But we do have some information regarding her son. Keeping mind the fact that she returned to work after her short maternity leave in January 2009, her son is now nine years old being born at 2008. Yes, SON, that much we know.

According to BBC, her son is a football and rugby fan and judging from the tweet; he will never walk alone. (Liverpool Joke). With her marriage details being non-existent on the internet, we are not sure that she had her son with her husband. We will have to wait to know all the details.

Sally was recently linked with a pregnancy; she is already a mother of one

She definitely was linked with a pregnancy in November 2016 but turns out; she was just the birthing partner. It all happened when Victoria Fritz, business news presenter went into labor mid-show. Since her husband was stuck in traffic, Sally lends a helping hand to the fellow presenter.

Though private about her private life, she went on to tweet about the event and even posted pictures of the newborn.

Victoria Fritz with her Newly born son.

Internet is obsessed with her height. How tall is this sexy presenter?

With talks about her height bouncing around the webosphere, one website claimed it to be 6 feet and 7 inches. When asked about it on Twitter, she responded like this,  “about 5'9 I think. (never believe the internet...!)”

This presenter does have everybody talking about her hotness, as she appears on the show with the low-cut dress which certainly seems appealing and let us not forget about her sexy toned legs. She doesn’t strike as a shy person and flaunts her curves and her amazing body on the seat of BBC breakfast.