Fame usually comes from a source of talent. But, Ryder Evan Russaw gained mainstream stardom thanks to his mother. You could say Ryder was born with a silver spoon.

Russaw managed to gain a spotlight through his mom. But, people don’t follow the guy on his social media accounts. Furthermore, the young celebrity kid likes to keep himself away from the limelight. Find out more about Ryder Evan down below!

How Old is Ryder Evan Russaw? Age, Bio and More

Ryder Evan Russaw is currently 14 years old. Moreover, Russaw was born on March 22nd, 2007. What’s more, his mother keeps the place of his birth hidden from the press. The young celebrity child holds an American nationality, according to various online sources. Furthermore, Russaw belongs to the black ethnicity.

Ryder Evan Russaw posing next to some balloons
Ryder Evan Russaw was posing next to some balloons.
Source: Instagram

Young Ryder is the youngest in his family. Meaning he has three older siblings. What’s more, Russaw has one older brother named Joshua Jahad Russaw. But, the other two are his half-siblings named Chyna Tahjere Griffin and Christopher George Wallace.

Given his age, young Ryder would be in high school. However, his mother, Faith Evan, remains very protective of his privacy. What’s more, Russaw seems to enjoy his life away from the camera more so than in front.

Is Ryder Evan Russaw Dating?

Yes, most probably Ryder Evan Russaw could be very well be dating. However, he keeps his personal affairs away from the public. Moreover, young Ryder must be very popular among the ladies given his good looks and fame.

Ryder Evan Russaw posing for a picture at a music festival
Ryder Evan Russaw was posing for a picture at a music festival.
Source: Instagram

Due to his private nature, the past relationships of Ryder remain hidden from the world. Furthermore, the young celeb keeps himself away from the media’s view. So, the media can’t say much about his love life.

On the other hand, Ryder’s mom has a colorful love life history. From one failed marriage to a doomed relationship, Faith has seen it all. Find out more about Evan’s love affairs down below in this article!

How’s Married Life of Faith Evans? Is Evans still Married?

Faith Evans is indeed a married woman; she married thrice. Currently, Faith married her long-term friend Stevie Jordan. Moreover, Jordan and Evans exchanged their vows in 2018. However, the duo wedded in an intimate ceremony. Though the couple became parents of ten children, but haven’t welcomed a child together.

Evans was also married to Todd Russaw in 1998. Furthermore, she and her ex-husband welcomed two sons, Joshua and Ryder, in their wedlock. Similarly, Russaw and Faith later ended their marriage in 2011. But, the singer had already split with the record executive since December of 2005.

On August 4th, 1994, Faith married a fellow musician named Christopher Wallace. What’s more, her late husband also went by the stage name The Notorious B.I.G. And with her first husband, Evans welcomed their child Christopher Jr.

How Rich Is Ryder Evan Russaw? What’s His Net Worth?

Ryder Even Russaw can be considered super-wealthy. However, given Ryder’s age, he hasn’t started earning yet. And so, his net worth remains a mystery for now. But, if anyone is to guess, the celebrity child holds an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Ryder Evan Russaw was at the hospital after an injury
Ryder Evan Russaw was at the hospital after an injury.
Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Russaw’s mom, Faith Evans, holds a massive net value. What’s more, the singer/songwriter holds an approximated net worth of $3 million. Furthermore, going through her I.G. posts, we can certainly see she lives a lavish lifestyle.

As a teen, Ryder’s top priority would be his school life. So, the young man remains indecisive about his career. Will he follow his linage and join the music industry? Or will Russaw carve his path? Only time will tell. But, we wish the young man a good luck in his endeavors.

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