To all the Home Alone fans, the name Patricia Brentrup could ring a bell. Yes, Patricia is the mother of Macaulay Culkin. Furthermore, she remains rather camera-shy. So, not much is known about her.

Brentrup keeps herself away from the spotlight. Meaning she doesn’t use any social media sites. Moreover, her son earned a lot of misgivings after his stardom. However, he later managed to turn around his life. But, learn more about his mother, Patricia, down below.

How Old Is Patricia Brentrup? Age, Birthdate, and Bio

Patricia Brentrup seems to be around the age of 60. Moreover, the celebrity parent was seemingly born in the early 1960s. However, she keeps her details hidden from the world. Besides, she holds an American nationality and comes from white ethnicity.

Patricia Brentrup was with her first husband and children
Patricia Brentrup was with her first husband and children.
Source: Instagram

Brentrup was born and raised in her hometown. But, her parents like to keep themselves hidden from the public eye. Furthermore, Patricia seems to be the only child of her mother and father. Similarly, the celebrity parent keeps most of her childhood away from the public eye.

Patricia, the mother of the original Home Alone star, went through many controversies. Moreover, she faced a lawsuit after a fire broke out in her apartment. Likewise, she went through a nasty divorce and broke up with her first husband. More on which is down below!

Did Patricia Brentrup remarry after her Divorce?

Marriages remain uncertain like life. Some can last a lifetime, while some last a few years, months, and even days. And most people find a new spouse after the end of wedlock. And, so did Patricia Brentrup remarry after her divorce? Yes, the celebrity parent exchanged her vows once more.

Patricia Brentrup was carried by her sons on her wedding day
Her sons carried Patricia Brentrup on her wedding day.
Source: Instagram

Brentrup married her long-term boyfriend, Mart D. Cox. Furthermore, she and her current husband exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony among loved ones. However, the date of Patricia’s wedding remains hidden from the world.

Patricia and her second husband did not welcome any child together. Cox has a daughter named Kara Cox from a previous relationship. However, the celebrity mom welcomed seven kids with her first husband. More on her first marriage down below.

First Marriage of Brentrup

Patricia married her ex-husband back in 1974. Moreover, she welcomed her first child with Kit Culkin in 1976. Furthermore, the names of Brentrup’s kids are as follows:

  • Shane Culkin, 1976
  • Dakota Culkin, 1979
  • Macaulay Culkin, 1980
  • Kieran Culkin, 1982
  • Quinn Culkin, 1984
  • Christian Culkin, 1987
  • Rory Culkin, 1989

Patricia and her ex-husband lost their second child Dakota in a tragic car accident in 2008. However, in 1991, Brentrup and Kit had already finalized their divorce. After the divorce, Culkin and his ex-wife went through a nasty custody battle for his children.

Patricia Brentrup took the picture with two of her children and her ex-husband
Patricia Brentrup took the picture with two of her children and her ex-husband.
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In the end, Patricia won the legal battle against her first husband. Furthermore, she claimed her ex-spouse had anger issues. Likewise, she also stated Kit cheated on her. And finally, Culkin’s relationship with his children wasn’t the best, specifically his sons.

How Rich is Patricia Brentrup? How much is her Net Worth?

Patricia Brentrup is quite rich compared to a normal person. But, she isn’t as wealthy as many celebrities today. Furthermore, Brentrup holds an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Macaulay Culkin, her son, holds an approximated net worth of $18 million as of 2021. However, the Home Alone actor legally removed his parents from his fund. Moreover, he even hired an executor to look into his account.

In 1999, a fire broke out in Patricia’s apartment. Furthermore, later the fire department stated the fire started by sparks from a space heater. As a result, Brentrup was sued for $80 million. Sadly, four people lost their lives due to the smoke from the fire.

Macaulay Culkin getting his act together?

Once a household name Macaulay Culkin is no stranger to scandals. However, the child actor turned his life around in recent years. Moreover, his biggest work in the past few years was in American Horror Story.

Likewise, Culkin appeared as Mickey in the TV show. And more recently, Macaulay appeared in The Righteous Gemstones in 2022. Likewise, he appeared in two episodes as Harmon Freeman.

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