Today, many people want fame and fortune. Furthermore, the sources can differ from person to person. But, in the end, the world knows the name. Lisa Thorner came to mainstream fame from her marriage to Damon Wayans.

Thorner later went off the grid after her divorce. Moreover, the former celebrity wife seems to enjoy her life away from the spotlight. However, Lisa also worked in the entertainment industry. Fun fact, she worked as a model and an actress in the past. And currently, Thorner holds a respectable amount as her net worth.

How Old is Lisa Thorner? Learn about her age, bio and more

Lisa Thorner, the ex-wife of Damon Wayans, was born in 1963 to her parents. Furthermore, Thorner was born in the United States of America. And so, she holds an American nationality. Besides, the former celebrity wife comes from a black ethnic background. And currently, Thorner is 58 years old.

Lisa Thorner was on a date with her ex-husband during the time the picture was taken
When Lisa took the picture, Lisa Thorner was on a date with her ex-husband.
Source: Pinterest

The comic’s ex-wife keeps most of her life away from the prying eyes. As a result, most of Lisa’s early life remains hidden behind a closed door. But, many online sources claim Thorner has a close relationship with her family.

Despite all the attention the former celebrity wife gains, she prefers a quiet life away from the media. What’s more, the comic Damon’s ex-wife could be the only child of her family. However, she hasn’t disclosed any info regarding her family.

Like her family, Lisa keeps her early life and childhood hidden from the world. Besides her parents’ names, Thorner also keeps her educational background hidden from view. And so, it remains unclear when the ex-wife of Damon Wayans graduated from college.

How much does Lisa Thorner hold as her Net Worth?

Lisa Thorner holds an approximated net worth of $1 million in 2021. Moreover, she earned wealth from her career as a model and an actress. Besides, Lisa modeled for many big agencies during her prime. And from there, Thorner earned a hefty sum of money.

Lisa Thorner was with her ex-husband on the red carpet
Lisa Thorner was with her ex-husband on the red carpet.
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Since the ex-wife of Damon Wayans loves her life away from the media, most of her assets remain hidden from the public. Likewise, the former actress tends to keep a low-key lifestyle. But, given her wealthy past, she could own a great house and a luxurious car to drive.

Lisa modeled for high-end agencies in the past. However, the former model must have gotten a hefty amount from her ex-spouse as spousal support. Similarly, Thorner also may have received child support from her baby daddy. Furthermore, Damon holds a massive net worth of $35 million under his name.

Did Lisa Thorner Decide to Remarry? Is she still Single?

No, the former model/actress, Lisa Thorner, did not remarry after her divorce. Moreover, after the divorce, Thorner kept mostly to herself. And so, the former celebrity wife remained elusive and rarely made a public appearance. As of 2022, fans believe that Thorner remains single.

Lisa Thorner was holding her son on her lap in the picture
Lisa Thorner was holding her son on her lap in the picture.
Source: MarriedWiki

Speaking of the past, Lisa met her ex-husband before he became a household name. What’s more, the former married couple met in the early 1980s. Interestingly, Damon Wayans landed his breakthrough role soon after meeting Thorner.

Lisa and Damon finally decided to tie the knot on April 24, 1984. Further, in their married life, the divorced couple welcomed four children named Damon Wayans Jr., Michael Wayans, Cara Mia Wayans, and Kyla Wayans. Thorner and Wayans’ wedlock did not last a lifetime like all good things in life.

Damon kept his love life away from the media. And so, after the divorce, Wayans never publicly dated a girlfriend. Furthermore, like his ex-wife, fans believe the star from My Wife and Kids stayed single after the split.

In recent years, Lisa and her ex-spouse, Damon, became grandparents. Furthermore, Thorner’s two eldest kids welcomed children of their own. Likewise, her grandchildren’s names are Aniya Wayans and Ava Marie Jean Wayans.

Divorce and the Custody Battle of Thorner

In the initial phase, Lisa Thorner led a wonderful married life. Moreover, the former model and her comedian husband shared sixteen long years of wedlock. And in 2000, the ex-couple finalized their divorce.

Many sources reported that Lisa appealed for joined custody. Furthermore, she also demanded spousal support in the divorce papers. Moreover, Thorner also demanded Wayans pay the attorney’s fee and the cost related to their divorce proceedings.

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