August 12, 1974, born Roland Sands has many trophies to his name from his racing career from his early twenties.

Roland attended California Superbike School following his racing interests.

Acknowledging his father’s grip on business, Sands worked his way from the ground level to the director of the R&D at Performance Machine.

Following his fame from Discovery Channel’s ‘Biker Build-Off,’ Roland, along with his sister Summer, founded Roland Sands Design.

Sands serves as the president and owner of the company. They have recently launched their retail shop in Los Alamitos, California.

Based on his excellence on bike works he was appointed as the judge on the first season of ‘Wrench Against the Machines.’

He has also guest appeared in ESPN’s ‘SuperBikes,’ ‘Chopper Nation,’ Speed Channel’s ‘Build or Bust’ and ‘American Thunder.’

With his designs, bikes and uniquely customized bike part has helped him rack up a huge net worth (probably worth millions). 

Sands has been married to his wife Nicole for over four years now.

The couple has two daughters Hayden June and Scarlett Jean.