Ritu Arya is an English actress and well-known Television personality. She was born on 17 September 1988. This English actress is mostly popular for her parts in drama series and films like The Umbrella Academy, Feel Good, Doctor Who etc.

Moreover, Arya became prominent after appearing in more than a dozen movies. Her other remarkable works include JessamineDaphne, Lady Parts, etc. Also, she plays instruments and is a talented voice-over artist whose voice is the voice choice of many video game players.

The Early Life of Ritu Arya

Raj Arya and Sunita Arya are the parents of the 20 years aged English actor Ritu Arya. Furthermore, she is a national citizenship holder from Gildford, Surrey, England, making her a British citizen. Moreover, Ritu comes from an Asian ethnicity.

Ritu Arya shared the fame with her mother and grandmother. Source: Instagram

Ritu is the eldest among her one brother and one sister, Romi Arya and Rahul Arya. Moreover, as an elder sister, Arya helped her younger siblings with their studies. However, the English actress who attended schools and colleges remains hidden.

Arya grew up in a strict England Catholic family. And she went to live in London for a couple of years.

Career Rise Of Ritu Arya

Arya is a famous actress from British. In addition, she completed her prestigious education at a private institution in her hometown, England. Later the actress went to the University of Southampton as per the suggestion of her grandparents. In addition, “the umbrella academy” star completed her bachelor’s in astrophysics science.

The actress has always got the best scores throughout her education career. Furthermore, she lies on one of the top ten students in her class. Although she along her parents lived in England, they always loved to be connected with their native country India. The actress, along with her family, continues the culture and tradition of India with some modern.

Professional career

The actress started her acting career after graduating from the Oxford School to gain professional acting knowledge and earn a degree. Ritu started her career as a theatre artist in her teen when other teenagers were busy gossiping about daily life.

Arya has starred in many commercially successful films: Last Christmas, Red Notice, Polite Society and Barbie (which will be public in 2023). Among all these movies, My Beautiful White Skin, a popular role, Parita.

Is Ritu Arya in a relationship or married?

Barbie star is still young for commitment and relationship. However, the actress is single and spends more time finding new projects and enhancing her acting skills.

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The actress, Ritu, remains more focused on her studies and acting career. Red Notice star has friends from school and the industry to share beautiful moments in her life.

However, the actress is closer to her parents and shares her daily events and dreams. In addition, she shares all Indian festivals and successes with her family and friends.

Physical appearance

Ritu was also an energetic athlete and dancer, due to which she looked fit at her young age at 5 feet 5 inches tall and 52-kilogram weight. She belongs to Asian ethnicity having England, United Kingdom, London and German roots.

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The Last Christmas actress represents herself smartly in all the events. In addition, she decides as per the decisions of her family. However, we can assume that the young actress is independent and introverted. Arya has dark brown eyes and black hair.


The young actress, Ritu Arya, remains free of controversies. However, she is still young and has just entered the industry. She has to go through a long way to earn fame and wealth. Until now, the star has managed to keep her private life away from the public. In addition, Arya currently works hard to get success.

Net Worth Of British Actress, Has Ritu Arya Received Any Awards?

The Beautiful White Skin star’s primary source of income is from her acting. However, the actress wants to complete her further studies with the money she earns from the industry. She inspires youth to be independent and focuses on the work that they are interested in. According to various online sources, the estimated networth of the actress is $2 million.

Ritu Arya is spending her quality time on vacation in Spain. Source: Instagram

In addition, the star has her band team, where she is a group drummer. The band appears and plays on a different platform. However, her secondary source of income is from concerts and performances in other countries. Ritu spends her free time with her friends and family. Furthermore, she travels with them for the vacation and refreshments.

Some of Ritu’s appearances in film and television series are:

  1. Red Notice
  2. The Umbrella Academy
  3. Barbie
  4. Last Christmas
  5. Daphne
  6. The Beautiful White Skin
  7. Jasmine
  8. Tide

Arya’s Award and Achievements

According to IMBD, Ritu Arya has been nominated in 2017 and 2020, whereas the actress won one award in 2016.

Ritu Arya, among the tea of “the Umbrella Academy” team, shared the poster for the promotion. Source: Instagram

Ritu was nominated for Best Newcomer in the British Soap Award award ceremony in 2017. Furthermore, she got a nomination for the television series “Doctor.”The actress gained popularity after this series. However, the ritual has appeared in various film and television series.

The actress was also nominated for IGN Summer Movie Award in 2020 as a Best television Ensemble. Furthermore, the actress got a nomination for the Netflix series “The Umbrella Academy.” However, this Netflix series is among the most awaited sequel among the audience. The audience got in touch with her appearance and performance in this series.

Arya won the title of Best Actress in a Short Film Award in 2016. Furthermore, the Socially Relevant Film Festival NY presented the best actress category. She won the distinction for the short film My Beautiful White Skin. The actress appeared in the role of Parita, who is a talented young British girl. In addition, the girl in the film wants to whiten her skill to the audience in the industry.

Ritu’s social media presence

As Ritu’s family is from India, so the actress is a huge fan following from India. Furthermore, the Indian family wants to connect with the life of Ritu as her family still follows the Indian culture with some modern changes.

Last Christmas, Ritu Arya and her friends are practicing for the event. Source: Instagram

Barbie stars tend to update their profile picture more often than other actors. Furthermore, she connects with her audience through stories and posts. She keeps the story-like question and chooses options on her Instagram account. In addition, the star has 1.2 million followers on her Instagram account, having 119 posts.

Other Interests of Ritu

Last Christmas, the star likes to spend her time with her pet. She tends to keep the picture of her dog more often in her story. Furthermore, the actress takes the dog for a park tour and some of her events. Ritu bought some dresses for her dog and shared some of the clips with the clients.

Ritu is also a drummer. Furthermore, she performs on stage and in concerts with her band members. The actress finds peace while playing the drum. Again she claims that each one should learn one instrument as it helps to concentrate and makes life happy.