David Castaneda is a Mexican actor, model and television star. In addition, he is a social influencer who helps and motivates youth to take their stand. Furthermore, he becomes a famous television face among people that everyone for familiar with within a short period. However, the star gained fame from the ABC show.

Castaneda has been a part of various Mexican television series and films. The actor provides justice to all the roles he takes or acts. Later his Netflix series “Jane the Virgin” made him popular among teenagers and girls. Later, David appeared in “The Umbrella Academy” along with Tom Hopper Emmy -Raver Lampman.

Family Life and Early Life of David Castaneda

The Umbrella Academy actor, David Castaneda, was born on 24 October 1989 (currently, he is 34 years old). Furthermore, he was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. Star holds Mexican nationality and comes from white ancestry.

David Castaneda wished his father on the occasion of fathers day. Source: Instagram

Star believes in creating a distance between the private and professional. However, the information about his parents and sibling has not yet been public. The actor believes in religion and offering where he follows the Christian faith.

Early life and Bio of Tom Hopper

David completed his schooling in his area along with his siblings. The star completed his high school with colorful grades with the guidance of his siblings. Furthermore, the star was famous in his school as he was friendly with teachers and juniors. He was popular due to his handsome presence in everyone’s life.

Physical Appearance of David Castaneda

The Mexican Actor represents himself handsomely in all the events. In addition, he has warm and welcoming behavior. He has dark brown eyes and black hair.

How tall is Rupert Friend?

However, the actor is very demanding when choosing the outfits. Roofers star wears different colors of clothes. In other words, he likes to explore his clothes in the cupboard.

Furthermore, the actor is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and his weight is 79 kgs. In addition, he likes to build his body and make it muscular. He has a huge number of female fans of his appearance and smile.

David’s Love Life

The star is silent when it comes to relieving his private life. However, the Mexican model might have his secret admirer or girlfriend. The information is not public in front of the media. In addition, Castaneda likes to share quality time with friends and families, which provides him strength and happiness.


“We Die Young”star has not been a part of controversies yet. However, the Mexican actress can create a distance between private and public life. In addition, there have appeared in various films and television series. However, the actor is successful in creating a personal life.

How much does the Castaneda Earn?

Adventures in Love and Babysitting star make justice to all the roles that he takes. He is popular for thriller scenes. David came to fame after his presence in Standing Up, Falling Down.

“The Umbrella Academy” stars sharing the poster of their Netflix series. Source: Instagram

David is among the most popular and wealthy actors with a huge fan following in the American industry. The networth of The Ascent actor is approximately $1.5 million per various online sources.

Furthermore, the secondary income comes from advertisements and modeling. The Mexican actor is working with directors to get a new project in the industry for modeling and lead roles. However, the actor wants to add properties and luxurious cars. The actor also wants to build a secure life for his parents and upcoming family.


The actor was always fond of acting. In addition, he used to stand in front of the mirror and try to portray different characters. When the Mexican actor was 17years, he volunteered in the film industry. In addition, he got the opportunity to learn about the acting industry system of the sector.

The star has recently appeared in “The Umbrella Academy,” where the story is about a superhero family. This Netflix series is one of the popular series where the actor has gained popularity. The hardworking actor has signed various films and television series like “Standing Up, Falling Down,” “Roofers,” and others.

Some of his appearances in film and series are

  • We Die, Young,
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • The Guilty
  • El Chicano
  • End of Watch
  • Standing Up, Falling Down
  • The Tax Collector
  • Adventures in Love and Babysitting
  • Freaks of Nature
  • The Ascent
  • Roofers
  • 3 Lecciones De Amor

Award and Achievements

The Freaks of Nature star got a nomination for Best Actor in the Mammoth Film Festival Award. In addition, the star was nominated for the film”We Die Young” in 2019. It is a film that contains violent action. Furthermore, there are more actions related to gang life and drugs. However, the actors in this film have portrayed the life the behaviors of drug dealers and buyers. Lastly, this film is violent and suggested to watch by only 18+ movies.

The Mexican star got a nomination for IGN Summer Movie Awards in the Best TV Ensemble. In addition, David was nominated for a Netflix series, “The Umbrella Academy,” in 2020. It is a television series about a woman who got pregnant and her upcoming generation. However, the actor in this series has portrayed the behavior and incidents with people. Lastly, the actor has to go through violence and teenage separation.

Social Media Presence of David

The mid-30 star has shared the pictures with his friends. In addition, Freaks of Nature star-like sharing photos and staying connected with his internet families. However, the star often shares his happy time through posts and stories. In addition, the actor loves to communicate with the audience and come on live social media.

Freaks of nature actor David Castaneda shares a frame with his best friend while having a cup of coffee. Source: Instagram

Adventures in Love and Babysitting star has 2.4 million followers and around 202 posts on his Instagram account. Furthermore, the star follows some of his fans, who motivate him to work harder. The actor has also followed the stars from different industries to get updates about their basic lifestyle.

Other Interests of Mexican Actor

David is interested in traveling around the world. In addition, he has signed new projects to earn and get popularity. However, the actor plans to travel more often with his family once a year and with his friends. He is a nature-loving person who likes to connect with nature and listen to the shipping of the birds.