After Todd Hoffman announced his unanticipated exit from ‘Gold Rush,’ people were wondering who will take his place.

Possible replacements for Hoffman as 316 Mining boss were, skilled miners, Freddy Dodge and Dave Turin.

But, nobody had thought about Parker Schnabel’s foreman, Rick Ness.

Rick Ness told Parker in the preview of ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ that he won’t be working for him in the next season.

Later, he took to Twitter to update fans on his opportunity of lifetime to take over the place of Hoffman on 316 Mining.

He frequently talked about starting his own mining operation, before confirming that he will lead his own crew in season 9.

Now, there have been speculations circulating around that Tony Beets is financing him to run a mine site.

Along with fans’ curiosity about Rick’s crew members, several questions remains still unanswered.

As Trey Poulson had replied to one of the fans’ comment that none of 316 Mining crew will appear in ‘Gold Rush’ next season.

Rick may have new miners in his crew, including his brothers who have recently been involved in wash plant.

However, it’s pretty sure that Rick Ness, Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel will be three mine bosses appearing in the forthcoming season.