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Rick Lagina

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Rick Lagina, an American reality TV personality, is best known for his appearance on the show The Curse of Oak Island. Rick and his brother Marty have a controlling interest in the Oak Island Tours Inc., which owns most of the island. They hope to find the secrets of the Oak Island themselves along with their team.

Early Life

Rick Lagina was born as Richard George Lagina on January 25, 1952, in Michigan, United States, to George Jacob Lagina and Ann Lagina. He was raised in Kingsford, Northern Michigan. Rick has an older sister Matina, and a younger brother Marty.

Rick and his brother Marty digging in the Oak island.

Rick first got interested in the Oak Island when he was only eleven years old. It all started when he read an account of the Oak Island Mystery in January 1965. The article talked about the Restall family’s work to investigate the so-called “Money Pit”. Since then, Rick had a dream of solving the mystery himself one day.

Lagina Brothers in The Curse of Oak Island

After retiring from the work of a post delivery man, Rick found a new career in the treasure hunt at the Oak Island. In the 1990s, when Rick and Marty heard that Dan Blankenship was looking for investors to help him continue the Oak Island treasure hunt, they traveled to the island to meet him. But it wasn’t until 2005 that they got a hold of controlling shares of the Oak Island Tours Inc.

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In 2006, Rick and Marty took over the treasure hunt, and since then they have discovered many clues, which has strengthened their cause. Marty’s background in engineering and energy business has contributed a lot in their treasure hunt.

Rick and Marty Lagina for 'The Curse of the Oak Island'

Later, the Lagina brothers were approached by Prometheus Entertainment to make their venture into a reality show. When producer Kevin burns heard about what the brothers’ were doing, he traveled to the island to persuade them to turn it into a series but it was not easy.

Marty said in an interview, “Kevin really had to talk us into it. What carried the day is that Rick is a true believer in this legend. In his heart, he believes something of historical importance really happened in this place. And he wanted to get the story out.”

Rick with his team

Rick and Marty both wanted the show to be genuine, and said that they were not going to follow any script or fake fights for the sake of the show.

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The series, which started in 2014, has already finished airing its fifth season. The brothers and their partners uses advanced technology and heavy digging and drilling to go deep into the island. They explore new and intriguing theories and welcome new researchers and special guests from around the world to uncover the 220-year-old mystery. And it seems like nothing will stop them solving the mystery buried on Oak Island.

Brother Marty Lagina

Rick’s brother Marty Lagina is a multi-talented professional. Marty completed his undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering in the 70s, and graduated from Michigan Tech in 1977. He went on to study law at the University of Michigan, and gained his Juris Doctorate in 1982.

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While studying law, he started his own oil and gas company, Terra Energy. The company specialized in extracting natural gas in Michigan and became the biggest shale gas well operator in the state. But they eventually sold the firm for close to $60 million.

Rick with his brother Marty.

In 1995, he sold the company to CMS for a mammoth $58 million. He went on to become a majority shareholder in Chartwell Properties L.L.C., and then moved into renewable energy, founding Heritage Sustainable Energy which specializes in wind turbines. Today Heritage is the largest wind-producers in Michigan, and one of the largest in the mid-west.

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He also owns the Villa Mari vineyard near Traverse City, Michigan. Marty’s son Alex works with him in the vineyard and also stars in the series. 

His career as a reality star, treasure hunter and entrepreneur has helped him a lot to amass an impressive net worth. As of 2018, he is reported to have a net worth of $2 million.

Is he married?

With his career as a reality star, he has earned some dedicated fans who are eager to know more whether he is a married man and has a wife or still dating. Well! That doesn't come as a surprise, however, he is someone who prefers not to utter much on his relationship status. So far, the fact regarding his personal life is still behind the closet.

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Name Rick Lagina
Profession Reality TV personality
Gender Male
Birthday January 25, 1952
Age 66 Years Old