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Greatest mysteries & findings in Oak Island: The Curse of Oak Island


The subject of History’s reality show, The Curse of Oak Island, is as fascinating as the show’s title is. The show documents relentless effort of two Michigander brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, to solve the Oak Island mystery and find the buried treasure in the island.

For instance, born in the 21st century, who wouldn’t be interested in learning about the 13th century stuff? This is what has made The Curse of Oak Island, one of the most watched shows on the History Channel’s history.

The discoveries of the show could be the “biggest ever” in the history of treasure hunts. Throughout the show’s five seasons airing on the cable network, a lot of enigmatic findings in the mysterious island of Nova Scotia has been showing up. 

We have sorted out four greatest mysteries and findings of the Oak Island that will help you envision the history of the world.

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1. The Money Pit:

The Money Pit in Nova Scotia is one of the most incredible self-perpetuating goose chases in the world. In 1795, a teenager named Daniel McGinnis found an oval-shaped recession in the ground on the island and started digging in the area. He subsequently hit wooden planks every 10 feet, which led McGinnis and his friends to believe the pit was man-made and there began what would become a long-standing tradition of treasure hunt in the island.

One of the Oak Island treasure hunters, Robert Dunfield, excavated the Money Pit with a 70-ton digging crane and dug out the pit to a width of 100 ft and a depth of 140 ft in the mid-60s.

He kept most of his findings secret until 2003. Supposedly, some findings in the Money Pit were coconut fiber, charcoal, putty, and porcelain dishware possibly made in the 1700s. 

Dunfield’s machinery often broke down, and the sides of the pit continually collapsed, thanks to heavy rain. Eventually resorting to drilling, Dunfield confirmed evidence of a cavern under a layer of limestone originally discovered by earlier explorer, George Greene. Still, it’s one of the greatest unsolved mysteries ever. 

Millions of dollars have been invested in the exploration of the Money Pit and several books have been written. 

The Money Pit Mystery: The Costliest Treasure Hunt Ever, by Rupert Furneaux, in 1972.

The Money Pit: The Story of Oak Island and the World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt, by D’Arcy O’Connor, in 1978.

Oak Island Enigma: A History and Inquiry Into the Origin of the Money Pit, by Thomas Pennell Leary, in 1953.

2. Borehole 10-X:

In 1970, the Triton Alliance, a syndicate for exploration on the Island formed by Dan Blankenship and David Tobias, commenced work on the island. Triton explorers excavated a 235ft shaft known as Borehole 10-X. Blankenship and Tobias stated that cameras lowered down the shaft into a cave recorded possible chests, human remains, wooden cribbing and tools. But, the photos were unclear, so none of the claims have been independently confirmed. 

3. Nolan’s Cross:

A professional surveyor and treasure hunter, Frederick Nolan, who purchased several plots on the island, revealed in 1981 that he had found five large cone-shaped boulders. Those boulders, when observed from above, seemed to be positioned to form a cross on the island. The boulders also intersected at a point, where Nolan claims he discovered a buried stone in the shape of a human head. The mysterious formation is famously known as ‘Nolan’s Cross.’

4. Old Coins Discovered by Laginas:

Dan Blankenship continued working on the island for the ensuing decades, finally handing the torch to the Lagina brothers. The brothers have utilized modern metal detection technology and sonar to search deep underground. So, far they have discovered old coins and sonar evidence of a chest that has encouraged them for further search. Recently, Rick discovered a medieval lead cross, which has been categorized as a potentially game-changing discovery. 

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