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Here is what you need to know about Street Outlaws: Memphis racer Precious Cooper aka Queen of the Streets!

Precious Copper an American street racer is well-recognized for her appearance on Discovery reality series, Street Outlaws: Memphis. She showcased that women are also capable in male-dominating street racing with her victory against Chuck and became a "Queen Of The Streets" on Street Outlaws. 

Early Life

Precious Cooper was born in 1989, in Osceola County, Florida, to Ricky Cooper and Sara Cooper. She was raised alongside her younger sister, Chelsea Cooper. She enrolled at Rivercrest High School in Wilson, Arkansas. 

Precious Cooper taking a selfie

Since childhood, she was passionate about cars. So, as she reached 19 years old, she started traveling with JJ Da Boss to Memphis where she used to watch him race.

Being influenced by him and cars, she decided to become a street racer and learnedhim to train her. After a year of training, she became ready to hit the track. Afterward, JJ Da Boss prepared her for bracket race by acknowledging her with tire pressure checking and cars strapping to the trailers.

Journey to Street Outlaws

She began her racing course in Street Outlaws under the guidance of leader for Memphis street racing team, JJ Da Boss. She started racing with her old car called “Puddle Jumper” and showed up for the first time in Street Outlaws: Memphis during its ninth season.

Precious Copper has blonde curl hair

In the show, she did her first debut race against the rookie Chuck in her ‘66 Chevy and was successful in defeating him as it wasn't her first race on the track.

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Establishing her grip in Memphis track, she became one of the exceptional racers on the show and stood victoriously, receiving a nickname “Queen Of The Streets.”

Precious Copper is hugging a kid

She is somehow who lets her action to do the talking. She raced against Doc and Big Chief and was capable of marking her name in Street Racing for a long time. As of now, she has changed her ride to "Ole Heavy" which she will be racing in upcoming competition. Though gaining name and fame, she has not revealed her net worth as of 2018.

Is she married?

Copper's personal life is overshadowed by her professional life. And, she has not uttered much about her relationship or getting married. However, rumors has it that she was dating JJ Da Boss. 

Precious Copper is posing with a kid

But, JJ Da Boss is a married man with eleven kids and he is more like a family to her and importantly a mentor. Moreover, she has not hinted anything about her relationship. As of now she is more focused on her racing career and currently, resides in Batesville, Arkansas.


Precious Cooper is an American street racer, best known for her appearance on Discovery reality series, Street Outlaws: Memphis.

Born in 1989, in Osceola County, Florida, to Ricky Cooper and Sara Cooper, she attended Rivercrest High School in Wilson, Arkansas.

She grew up alongside her younger sister, Chelsea Cooper.

When she was 19 years old, she started traveling to Memphis with JJ Da Boss and watch him race. 

She later began racing under the guidance of JJ Da Boss, who is regarded as the leader of Memphis street racing team.

She showed up in ‘Street Outlaws’ for the first time during its ninth season.

In her debut race, she raced against Chuck in her ’66 Chevy and defeated him badly.

The shocking winning on the male-dominated street sport earned her the nickname, Queen Of The Streets.

She may be shy and quiet, but once she gets into the rig, she turns out to be a racing monster, which she showed against Doc and Big Chief.

She is currently residing in Batesville, Arkansas.

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Name Precious Cooper
Profession Reality Star
Gender Female
Place of Birth Osceola, Florida
High School Rivercrest High School
Best Known For Street Outlaws: Memphis
Marital Status Single