Movie sequels that take some time to premier can be hit or miss, but it seems to have paid-off for The Incredibles 2 as it is on the track to become the biggest animated pre-seller of all time. But what took Pixar more than 13 years to create a sequel for one of the greatest animated superhero movies of all time?

The Incredibles performed well at the box office, grossing over $600 million during its original theatrical run and creating a sequel much sooner might have been the best choice for Pixar’s first outside director, Brad Bird.

But it seems there’s much more than that meets the eye. In an exclusive interview with, Brad Bird said that reviews and dollar signs didn’t have any sway over his sequel plans.

Brad later added that many sequels are cash grabs, and if you don’t make another one, you’re just leaving money on the table but it’s not what makes him get up in the morning. Brad believes that making something that people will enjoy for 100 years from now, is what gets him up. He went on to say that if it were to be a cash grab, they wouldn’t have taken 14 years to create a sequel as it makes no financial sense to wait this long.

In the world of Hollywood, his answer was incredibly refreshing and shows how he and his team truly love The Incredibles. With Incredibles 2 hitting theaters on June 15, we can be sure that this one will keep everyone laughing hysterically on the edge of their seats.