Phil Lester currently resides in London with Daniel Howell. Now you know why Dan frequently appears in Phil’s videos – they live together! The online chemistry and real life friendship between the two have created a sensation on the internet, even fueling romance rumors. Phil may be single in reality, but he’s Dan’s boyfriend for all the devoted fans in the “Phandom.”

Is Phil Lester Gay?

“Is Phil Lester Gay?” has been one of the frequently asked questions among Phil’s fans, the answer to which is still not clear. The question is also common among Dan’s fans.

Phil and Dan met each other through a mutual friend in Manchester. They began collaborating in 2011 and moved in together in a London home in July 2012. This triggered the rumor for the first time that the two are more than just fellow YouTubers. 

Phil Lester with rumored boyfriend, Dan

The closeness they displayed in their videos made almost everyone sure that they were in love, but these speculations came to an end when Dan announced in one of his videos that he is not GAY; he frequently does. Although Phil is yet to make any such comments, one thing is clear that the two aren’t dating each other.

The duo went as far as filming a video of them sharing rings which made many of their viewers believe that the two got married, but it’s clear that it was just a prank vlog.

Phil Lester’s collaboration with Daniel Howell has earned him a huge net worth

Has anyone made to Phil Lester’s list of girlfriends?

Apparently, NO. Phil has not been linked with any girls till date, except that one time when he shared a selfie with Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar via his Instagram captioned as “Selfie with my girlfriend xoxo.”

Phil Lester's Instagram pic of him and Sarah Michelle Gellar

The image fooled many of his Instagram followers until someone realized that it was not Sarah but only her wax figure. Great prank once again!