Phebe Novakovic, who is the chairman and CEO of General Dynamics, is a married woman. Her husband is David Morrison. This great businesswoman, who hardly speaks in public about her family and children hasn’t disclosed her marriage details clearly.

Reportedly, Phebe married Michael Vickers in 1985. The wedding news was announced by alumnae magazine at Smith College. The two allegedly met in Foreign Service. Is she married twice? These kinds of reports trigger public attention. But actually nothing about her relationship is clearly stated to public.

Apart from this scandalized news, David Morrison is known to be this former intelligence officer’s husband. Being one of the most powerful women in the world, she is undeniably in the high attention of Medias. However, no any internet Medias have become successful in grabbing her personal life details. 

Phebe is known to appear in numerous events along with her husband. But nothing is known about when the enduring couple met and tied a knot.

The General Dynamic Corp. CEO normally doesn’t speak with press. Additionally, she doesn’t prefer making too many public appearances. Not only of her company, but Phebe seems to have tried keeping herself beyond the cameras. She graduated from Smith College attendant graduated in 1979 and then attended Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. When she completed her MBA in 1989, she was already a mother of two daughters. 

The couple collaboratively owns a parcel, 960 Towlston Rd in Mclean, VA. The building constructed in 1977 has two story and excellent construction quality.

Ranked as 56th world’s most powerful women by Forbes, Phebe Novakovic has everything good with her husband. However, when the businessman herself isn’t open about relationship and family, we can’t regard the news reported by the few Medias authentic.