Paula Newsome is an African-American actress. Newsome started her career acting in theaters. In addition, she was acting from a young age.

Newsome made her television debut in 1992 in Keeper of the City. She also appeared in Spiderman No Way Home. In addition, she appears in Barry as Detective Janice Moss.

How old is Paula Newsome?

Paula Newsome is 51 years old. The actress, Paula, was born in the year 1971. However, Newsome’s exact date of birth is not available. Nevertheless, Newsome was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. And so Paula holds an American nationality.

Paula Newsome posed for a picture in a black dress
Paula Newsome posed for a picture in a black dress
Source: Instagram

Paula grew up in Chicago. Furthermore, Newsome keeps her family out of the spotlight. And as such, the identity of Newsome’s parents is unknown. In addition, it is unclear if she has any siblings. Besides, the CSI actress and her family come from Black roots.

Newsome finished high school at Morgan Park Academy. In addition, she holds a bachelor’s degree from Webster University’s Conservatory of Theater Arts. There is very little information available on the actress’ early life.

How tall is Paula?

Among many things that Paula Newsome hides, height is one of them. However, many online sites assume that Newsome holds a height above five feet. Similarly, Paula keeps her measurements hidden from the public. But, even in her early fifties, Newsome looks great.

Is Paula Newsome in a relationship?

Paula Newsome is not outspoken about her romantic life. There have been no reports of the actress dating anyone. In addition, she has not been caught with anyone by the paparazzi.

Paula Newsome was taking a selfie with a co-star
Paula Newsome was taking a selfie with a co-star
Source: Instagram

The only romance Newsome is known for is her on-screen relationships. Paula plays the role of a medical examiner, Clair Washburn, married to Edmund, played by Jonathan Adams in Women’s Murder Club. However, the pair’s relationship off-camera is strictly professional.

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In addition, Paula is good at concealing her hook-ups. It is unclear why the actress is secretive about her romantic life. However, fans wish the best for Newsome.

Furthermore, Newsome kept her previous relationships hidden. Likewise, Paula prefers to keep lovelife and professional life separate. And as such, the names of Paula’s ex-boyfriends and partners remain unknown.

What is Paula Newsome’s net worth?

As of 2022, Paula Newsome’s net worth is $3 million. Newsome makes her primary income as an actress. She started her acting career as a child performing in community theater.

Paula Newsome was posing in a beautiful red gown
Paula Newsome was posing in a beautiful red gown
Source: Instagram

As of 2022, Paula earns thousands of dollars a month. Moreover, her annual salary is estimated to be around $200k. But, Paula’s assets remain hidden from the world. What’s more, the details of real estate properties and cars owned by Newsome stay shrouded in mystery.

Newsome later moved to New York City, where she was cast in several Broadway productions. Paula made her debut in a supporting role in 1992 in Strange Talk. Furthermore, she went on to guest star in sever television series.

As Newsome is very private about her life, it is unclear how she spends her earnings. Hence, it is unclear how much the actress’ assets are worth. In addition, there is no information on Paula’s home and car.

Career and Newsome’s Big break

Paula Newsome started acting as an extra in Home Alone in 1990. However, Paula’s scene was deleted in the final cut. And the following year, she appeared in the TV movie Keeper of the City.

Similarly, in 1992, Paula made her debut on the big screen. Furthermore, Newsome found herself playing a role in the movie Stright Talk as Ellen. And after a brief break from acting, Paula appeared in the TV film Harambee!

Paula found more success in the TV industry than on the big screen. What’s more, Newsome has appeared in more than forty different TV shows so far. And more recently, the Berry actress landed the role in the main cast of CSI: Vegas. Moreover, people also recognize her from her appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Social Presence

Paula Newsome is active on Instagram and Twitter. In addition, both of the actress’ accounts are verified. Besides, she is active on both platforms.

Paula Newsome is taking a selfie.
Paula Newsome is taking a selfie.
Source: Instagram

Newsome has more than 3800 followers on Twitter. In addition, she has close to 5000 followers on Instagram. However, she only has 90 posts on her Instagram.

Newsome posts very little about herself. However, the actress is very vocal about black rights and women’s rights. In addition, Paula uses her socials to promote her roles as well.

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