Pat Sajak has married twice, and while his first marriage didn’t pan out as he had imagined, he has been together with his second wife, Lesly Brown, for 28 years now. Furthermore, Sajak has two children, son Patrick Michael James Sajak and daughter Maggie Sajak, with Lesly.

Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie is a singer.

While Pat Sajak is established in the entertainment industry, his daughter Maggie has already started following in his footsteps. Maggie Sajak, 22, is a country singer and has recorded three songs. She began playing guitar at her grandparent’s house and got her first guitar on her 13th birthday.

Pat Sajak with wife

Maggie recorded her first song First Kiss in 2011, which was featured in an episode of her father’s show Wheel of Fortune as a tribute on her birthday. 

Her other songs are Wild Boy and If I Was Gonna Go. She also recorded a song, Live Out Loud, in honor of Muriel Walters, battling terminal cancer. 

When she is not working on music, she is busy pursuing her dreams of being a doctor. She is currently studying at Princeton University and preparing for Med School.  

Why did Pat Sajak’s first marriage end?

Pat Sajak was first married to Sherrill Sajak. They exchanged wedding vows in 1979 after dating each other for a year. Financially stable and madly in love with his lady love, Sajak was confident that Sherrill was “The One” for him. However, the couple failed to maintain peace in their relationship. 

Pat’s long association with Sherrill ended in 1986, and personality clashes and lack of quality time for each other were cited as the reasons for their split. For the next three years, he remained single and focused on his career.

Pat Sajak with wife

Pat met Lesly Brown at the opening of California Sports Bar, owned by a mutual friend. Following that meeting, they maintained long-distance communication and met whenever the opportunity came.

On New Year’s Eve 1989, Pat tied the knot with the photographer and former actress for the second time. The family now lives in Severna Park, Maryland and has a second house in Los Angeles, California. 

There were also rumors of a romance between Pat and Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White, but the two have described their relationship as “brother and sister in the back seat on a long road trip.”