Paige Hyland’s dating life with her boyfriend has been of a great interest to her fans. The Lifetime’s reality series Dance Moms star’s Instagram account is filled with cute snaps of her & her boyfriend. Let’s have a closer look at the chemistry of Paige Hyland and her boyfriend.

Paige Hyland and her boyfriend look adorable together

The teen dancing star has been able to rule the hearts of many with her beauty and talent. And there is someone special in her life who rules her heart. She has revealed her love to the world via her Instagram profile.

Who is Paige Hyland’s elder sister Brooke Hyland’s boyfriend?

Paige Hyland joined Instagram in the fall of 2015. Since then, she has been using the app to share the fun times she shares with her girlfriends and boyfriend, Nick Kelly.

Paige Hyland cuddling up with boyfriend, Nick Kelley

The rumor of the two dating started after she shared a snap of him in November 2015. The post flooded with comments from her fans asking her about what was going on between her and Nick, whose name she had not revealed at that time. 

Paige Hyland and Nick Kelley hugging each other side ways

She has not been much outspoken about Nick but her snaps say a lot about her relationship with him. The young couple shares a great chemistry and we just like to wish them a healthy relationship ahead. 

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