Olivia Margaret Schelske recognized for the debut song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” by Sara Evans featuring Olivia and Audrey.

Saras Evan album party

Early Life

Oliva Margret Schelske was born on January 22, 2003, in the United States of America whose mother is a famous singer. Therefore, she was very much impressed by her mother. Similarly, she has very much interest in singing so in 2017, Sara invited Olivia to join her on stage at a private event during CMA Fest to sing “Tennessee Whiskey” and we were blown away by her talent from where she started her career.

Oliva & Sara Evans


Olivia Margaret Schelske is a copy-paste of her famous mother Sara Evens, who always follow her mother’s footsteps to be a good singer. The star’s 2017 album Words features the teen singing back-up vocals. Likewise, when she was 18, Oliva started her career on stage at a private event during CMA Fest to sing “Tennessee Whiskey” and we were blown away by her talent. Meanwhile, after one month, she sings back vocal for her mom during the stage performance. After that, in 2019 Oliva Along with her brother Avery launched a band name The Barker Family Band.

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Family Background

Olivia Margaret Schelske is the daughter of famous singer Sara Evans. Her mother married Craig Schelske on September 25, 1993. As a result, the couple has three children named Avery Jack Schelske, Olivia Margaret Schelske, and Audrey Elizabeth Schelske. However, all three children adopt their step-father surname, Craig Schelske

Net Worth

The net worth of Oliva Margret Schelske is $20million. That is to say, this is the combined net worth with her family.

Social Media

Olivia Margaret Schelske is not engaged in any social media therefore, she comes to media through her mother when she was 17years old her mother Sara Evans took to Instagram to honor her.