Clare Crawley and Dale Moss reignited their relationship after it was earlier reported that “The Bachelorette” couple had called it quits. During his first interview since the reunion, Moss said the pair is “in a good place,” but he was reluctant to talk about their engagement.

Speaking at the podcast “Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn,” he said:

We are definitely taking time and spending time together.

The reality star added,

Clare and I, we’re in a good place. When the time is right we will definitely talk about all those things [publicly]. For right now, we’re just focused on one another. We’re keeping things private and that’s working for us, in time we’ll speak about that together.

Despite the fact that the couple engaged at the end of season 16 of The Bachelorette. In December, he declined when asked if they were once again engaged.

“I’ll say this, Clare and I are in a good place. Focused on one another and leave it at that,” he said.

When they broke up in January, insiders said, “There’s a whole bunch of problems between them.”

“I don’t know what the specific breaking point was, but she wants him to move to Sacramento and he’s not crazy about that. She wants kids right away, he doesn’t,” they added.

However, by mid-February, the couple was spotted on a romantic walk in Los Angeles, and the next month, they were captured kissing in New York.

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