Brettly Otterman is a Sales Director of Rick Restrotation Inc. which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. . He is an American Restoration’ who provides comic relief to the show.

Brettly Otterman

Early Life

Brettly Otterman is an American who was born on 31st August 1992. Brettly is also known as a village idiot because he always do unwanted activities. He carries miscellaneous tasks and he always free his mind and asks plenty of questions, and cares about his work due to this habit he becomes ‘king of Restoration. He is good at skills like sandblasting and soda blasting. He works very hard to find new techniques. He is interested in guitar and always dreams to be a Rockstar as well as he is a tattoo lover and almost his body is covered with tattoos.

Brettly Otterman


30 years old Brettly works hard and focuses on his work therefore he is the first spin-off of the famous reality TV show Pawn Stars, a show that would later see another popular spin-off featuring Danny ‘The Count’ Koker and his Counting Cars. He was introduced by his step-father in his show and now he is the sales director of Rick Restoration.

Brettly has set up his own business called Clean Works Blasting in Las Vegas.

Personal Life

Brettly Otterman is the son of Kyle Dale and Rick Dale. Rick is the stepfather, who is known as the king of Rick Restoration. Rick Dale is a popular reality show personality as well as owner of an antique restoration shop, who was a television personality. Moreover Brettly has delegated the most tedious tasks, such as sandblasting old rust and paint from items or disposing of beehives.

He was approached in the new show by his father in his movies therefor he start working on a history channel show on the topic of Rick Restoration. He married to beautiful wife Steph and has three kids.

Brettly Child

Net worth

‘America Restorations’ Star Rick Dale’s Wife & Family Helped Him Gain Massive Net Worth. Brettly Otterman net worth is $2.5million dollar.

Social Media

Brettly Otterman equally gives time in social media to update about his business. He is very active in social media about Rick Restoration and he tweets on Twitter as well as e is also active on Instagram.