Nicole Curtis celebrating her grandfather's 92nd birthday

Nicole Curtis is standing close to a chair where her grandfather is sitting. She is holding a card which says
Nicole Curtis took to Instagram to share this image of her with her grandfather, who turned 92 this year. She calls her grandfather Gramps. The mother of two sons has estranged herself from her mother, father, and brother.

Eddie Van Halen, sitting on a chair, hand on chin, listening to questions from the audience. 1 of 6 Swipe To View More 6
Eddie Van Halen, what is he up to now, 2018?Eddie Van Halen, founder and musician of band Van HalenEddie Van Halen , founder and musician for American rock band Van HalenEddie was born in Netherlands and emigrated to California, USA when he was 7 with his familyEddie Van Halen has been married twice, having an only child, a son, with his first wifeEddie Van Halen, founder musician of Van Halen. His band has sold millions of albums worldwide to date.

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