Nicole Briscoe delivered her first baby with husband in December 2013 when the baby’s dad, Ryan, was on NASCAR duties. The baby was named Finely Briscoe. Their happiness was doubled when Nicole was pregnant with their second child. Their second child Blake arrived in July 2016.

Nicole is a family woman – an ideal wife and a perfect mother. She keeps her children close with their grandparents in order to provide them with a good upbringing that she had received as a child.

Nicole has found success in both her career and her family life

The former Miss Illinois, Nicole has achieved notable success as a host and a presenter of NASCAR for ESPN2. Besides, she has interviewed the former President Barrack Obama, in 2009 as a part of reporting for ESPN.

Apart from the exposures, areNicole has been able to collect a huge net worth amount. Although the exact value is yet to get revealed, her net worth is believed to be in million.

Nicole Briscoe, alongside her loving husband and her two gorgeous daughters, is living a fairy tale life. Their long-standing marriage has not encountered any rumors of conflicts in their relation.Nicole Briscoe has amazingly handled her personal and professional life.

Nicole Briscoe and her husband, an Australian racing car driver Ryan Briscoe, are living a fairy-tale life since they married in 2009. The couple, at presents parenting their two daughters.

Since their first meeting, the couple has maintained a healthy relationship

Nicole met Ryan Briscoe in Indianapolis while she was reporting an auto racing and Ryan was a racing driver there. Since after the first meeting, they developed a good rapport that ultimately turned into a relationship.

Eventually, the two tied the knot in Hawaii in 2009 after dating for some period. Their marriage has delivered them with joy and happiness along with two adorable daughters.