Jessica Simpson had an “intense” year, which included a COVID-19 treatment. The actress announced she had the virus when addressing her latest essay on “self-acceptance, parenthood, and overcoming fear.”

“We have all been handed challenges and fears in our lives that, at times, felt like too much to overcome. This past year has been especially intense for me and so many of you,” Simpson wrote on Instagram. “I started writing this essay on the same day I received a positive test result for COVID-19.”

Instead of allowing fear to guide her, she decided to be optimistic and compose a piece that shared her feelings.

“I felt strong, resilient, and God-inspired through my pen teaching me as I was sharing with you ways to get to the other side of fear,” she wrote.

The 40-year-old Simpson signed a contract with Amazon in December. And her essay, “Take the Lead,” will release on 29th April. As per The Hollywood Reporter, the agreement involves one completely orchestrated and one unscripted TV program based on her candid 2020 memoir, “Open Book.”

Jessica Simpson and her past Demons

In the novel, the singer-turned-fashion entrepreneur disclosed an alcohol and pill dependency. Moreover, she stated that stemmed in part from the pain of childhood sexual abuse. She has been sober since November 2017 and recently confirmed that she did not even contemplate alcohol during the pandemic.

Simpson exchanged vows with former NFL player Eric Johnson in 2014. Also, she revealed personal information about her former husband, Nick Lachey. And ex-boyfriend John Mayer in her autobiography. Simpson and Johnson share three kids.

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