Updated: 05/14/2018 11:47 AM | First Published: 05/14/2018 11:35 AM

Best new Discovery shows of 2018 you wouldn't want to miss


When it comes to reality series, Discovery is definitely the best in the game. With a roster of fan-favorite shows like Fast N’ Loud, Deadliest Catch, Street Outlaws and Gold Rush, the network also seems to target newer and diverse audience with their latest and greatest. Be it fan demanded spin-offs or entirely new shows, Discovery keeps adding some creative and original contents.

Here are some best new shows of 2018 on the Discovery channel.

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1. Gold Rush: White Water

As if ‘Gold Rush’ is not adventurous enough, the father-son combo of Dakota Fred and Dustin Hurt are looking for the precious metal in a secluded canyon with a group of mountaineers, divers and daredevils.

The spin-off series which premiered on January 19, recently completed its first season. Led by the gold mining experts, the show is packed with action and adventure.

2. Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman 

Fans were disheartened when celebrity mechanic, Aaron Kaufman, left ‘Fast N’ Loud’ and were wondering if they were ever going to see the genius on TV again. But, he made a return and what a return it was.

His new show, Shifting Gears, premiered during the Motor Mega Week on March 5. The show is definitely worth watching as the likes of Kaufman are hard to come by.

3. Sticker Shock

“Cars are more than a set of wheels to get from point A to point B – they are members of the family.” With this motto, Dennis Pittsenbarger and his team of expert appraisers are looking to answer the age-old question, “What’s my car worth?” with this newest addition to Discovery network.

4. Book of Hines

How’s this for a show? A family trying to survive in the harshest condition by themselves. Hmm. Well, this sounds exactly similar to the network’s hit Alaskan Bush People, and there have been rumors that the Hines family will replace the Browns after their next season. While the premise looks the same, the network must have thought of something to make it different. Anyway, the show should definitely be on your watch list.

5. Last Outpost

Follow the back-country builders and the owners of CT Mad Modz, Clint Greathouse and Todd Anderson, as they turn plain boring everyday vehicles into out of the box machines using recycled parts, outdoor ingenuity and sheer determination. Some of their best projects till date are turning a bush plane fuselage into ultimate mobile survival pod and turning a lawnmower into an off-road wheelchair. 

6. Americana Outdoors

Americana Outdoors is already one of the longest running outdoor programs on television, and it is now aired on Discovery channel. The show features a wide range of content, with various top destinations, conservation messages, and provides its viewers with full-on entertainment while bestowing upon a good amount of education.

7. Out Da’ Bayou

Hunting alligators in Louisiana may sound similar, but this show goes where the Duck Dynasty and Swamp People avoid, says John Jackson, the creator of the show. The show which has been locally produced for three years finally got the platform it deserved. The show doesn’t have a definite plot, which makes it all the more interesting. Unlike most reality shows, this is actually based on reality and there is no re-take afterwards.

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