Ashley Selden is one of the cast members of Discovery’s reality TV series The Last Alaskans and one of the handfuls of families living in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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Thirty-four years old Ashley Shelden married her college sweetheart, Tyler Selden. And she decided to move to the north after Tyler graduated in 2006. After moving to Alaska, Ashley and her husband settled in Cold Foot, Alaska, for a year, where they worked at a truck stop. While working at the truck stop, History Channel’s reality shows, the Ice Road Truckers, often featured Ashley.

Tyler and Ashley smiling holding their child both wearing specs

The Sheldens then migrated to Fairbanks and started working as log peelers at a local lumber yard. While working at Fairbanks, Ashley got introduced to many trappers who worked in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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There, Ashley learned to lay trap lines in the bush for foxes and wolverines, and slowly her adventure turned out as an alternative way of living. They lived in the Arctic National Refuge from September to March and spent the remaining months in Fairbanks for seven years before grabbing the attention of Animal Planet. They started documenting their life in the Alaskan wilderness in the reality show, The Last Alaskans in 2015.

As of now, they are residing in the Arctic National Refuge, growing a big vegetable garden, raising chickens, turkeys and those beautiful sled dogs. Earlier this year, Ashley and her husband welcomed their first child.

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As of 2018, Ashley owns an estimated net worth of around $80,000, probably from her appearance in a reality show. While rumors exist that The Last Alaskans have been canceled after three seasons,  some reports say the new season came out in the fall of 2018.


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