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Motley Crew bassist Nikki Sixx Net Worth 2018 | Books, Songs and More

Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr. or simply Nikki Sixx is the co-founder and bassist of the glam metal band, Mötley Crüe. Sixx is one of the best bassists of the 80s and the 90s. Like many famous artists, he also had his struggles before he earned his stardom as ‘Nikki Sixx’.

Today we bring you a brief look back at his career, net worth and what he has been doing now. Stay with us till the end. We have a surprise for you.

# Becoming Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx posing for a picture with full makeup for a concert

The lead singer, Vince Neil, might be the focal point for most of the Mötley Crüe fans but band’s heart & soul, is none other than bassist and co-founder, Nikki Sixx. Born Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna on December 11, 1958, in San Jose, CA, he had a hard childhood growing up. His parents divorced when he was very young, and he lived with his mother for a while before she abandoned him. Later, he moved in with his grandparents and had to relocate to several locations. By the time he was a teenage, he felt so fed up with life that he resorted to crimes like robbery, vandalism, lived in the streets, and it didn’t take that long for him to turn to drugs. 

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Growing up, he was increasingly intrigued by The Rolling Stones as well as '70s glam rock and heavy metal bands, including The Sweet, Queen, New York Dolls, Aerosmith, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, and other headbangers of the ‘70s. After realizing his growing passion for rock and metal music, he decided to pursue a music career and moved to Los Angeles, the city of angels and rock music. At that time, he only had one beaten up bass guitar, which he had bought by selling the old six-string he had stolen. 

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After moving to LA at the age of 17, he began working numerous dead-end jobs to support himself financially, while gradually improving his bass skill and auditioning for different bands. Seeing his potential, he was hired by a heavy metal band, Sister, led by Blackie Lawless, who would later join W.A.S.P. Just after recording a demo, he was fired from the band and he joined another heavy metal band, London afterward. He then legally changed his name to Nikki Sixx and went on collaborating with guitarist Mick Mars, drummer Tommy Lee, and singer Vince Neil, to form the globally popular band, Mötley Crüe.

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#. After Mötley Crüe

Nikki Sixx wearing specs and showing like with both of his hand wearing a black blazer

Ever since the band broke up in 2015, Sixx has been keeping himself busy.  Recently, in June 2018, he released his third book, The Heroin Diaries, where he talks about his childhood struggles.

His two other books are The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star (2007) and This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography, And Life Through The Distorted … ( 2011). Being the face of Mötley Crüe for more than 20 years and hosting the nationally syndicated rock radio show, Sixx Sense and several other musical acts, he’s earned global stardom, as well as a whopping net worth of $45 million. His fortune also comes from his clothing line, Royal Underground, which he launched with Kelly Gray in 2006.

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